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Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration – Fall Creek and Humble, TX area

Zenith Disaster Clean Up

Serving Humble and Fall Creek, TX area

(713) 966-6064

Fires are among the most destructive disasters that can occur within a home or building.  They cause very deep and extensive damage not only from the flames, but also from the corrosive byproducts created by the heat such as smoke, soot, and oily residue.  When a fire occurs, the only thing you should do is evacuate the building and call the fire department to extinguish the flames.  After the fire department has put out the fire and left your property, you need to call a professional to restore your property immediately and limit the damage.

Even though the fire is out, the corrosive byproducts left behind can still cause and spread damage.  This is why you need to have your home or building restored as soon as possible.  At your local Zenith Disaster Clean Up partner, we provide complete fire and smoke damage restoration services to help homes and businesses damaged by fire in Fall Creek and Humble, TX area.  We can stabilize and repair structural damage caused by the fire, restore objects and materials damaged by soot, and remove smoke odors.

Property Damage Caused by Fires

The damage caused by the flames is obvious, but the less obvious damage from the corrosive byproducts in the aftermath is often worse.  The soot, smoke, and oily residue created by the fire will continue to spread and settle within the property until these elements are removed.  Household surfaces like wood, flooring, and drywall as well as various objects will become etched and tarnished by soot and residue.  Without quick and effective cleaning, the damaged materials are at risk of being affected permanently.

The odor from the smoke is also a problem after a fire is out.  These odors can linger for so long because they get absorbed and trapped in porous materials.  Smoke odors need to be removed at the source to eliminate the odor effectively.

fire-damage-restoration-Fall Creek and Humble, TX

Commercial and Residential Fire Damage Restoration

Our technicians are trained and equipped to handle any scale of damage caused by a fire.  We will quickly assess and stabilize structural damage and immediately begin the cleaning of objects and materials damaged by soot.  Our powerful cleaning products can effectively remove soot from most surfaces as long as the cleaning begins quickly enough after the disaster.  We will then ensure that all damaged areas are repaired and restored back to their original condition.  We can also provide content cleaning and pack-outs for damaged personal belongings and remove smoke odors with our advanced deodorization process.

You can expect the following steps with our fire and smoke damage restoration process:

  • Emergency response 24/7
  • Emergency pre-cleaning
  • Assessment of the damage
  • Smoke and soot damage cleanup
  • Deodorization and air quality control
  • Removal of water used to extinguish the fire

Call us For Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

As soon as a fire has been extinguished on your property, you need to act fast to prevent the corrosive byproducts from causing extensive secondary damage.  Our technicians are standing by to provide emergency fire damage restoration for homes and businesses in Fall Creek and Humble, TX area.

You can call us 24 hours a day at (713) 966-6064 for emergency fire and smoke damage restoration.

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"Woke up 2am in the morning discovered my toilet had backed up and flooded the house, Every where looked a mess, Called my insurance company and they recommended these guys to come check it, They where very responsive and on time and cleaned up the water damage. I would solely use them in the future if needed."

Review by Windy Charles

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Recommended company by my brother,good job on the water damage clean up.never experienced a flood before.u guys did great no complaints."

Review by Victoria Valenti

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

“Came home from work after a pipe had behind my toilet causing water to run through my home for 8 hours everything was wet and damaged, this company made this an easy and much less painful process.”

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