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Commercial and Residential Roofing in Ellenwood, GA


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For homes and businesses, the roof is the first line of defense when protecting the property from Mother Nature’s elements. At the same time, it is also vulnerable to damage from strong winds, hail, rain, and other debris. Even small issues can turn into leaks, wind damage, and intrusions from animals. It’s important to have these areas repaired to prevent as much damage as possible.

RestorationMaster provides reconstruction roofing services in Ellenwood, Georgia to protect homes and buildings from water, wind, flood, and mold damage. Our professionals can provide everything from repairs to restoration to ensure your home or building is fully secured and protected from future leaks.

Reconstruction-Roofing-in-Ellenwood-GARoof Damage

Roofing can be damaged by a number of sources, including rain, wind, and hail. The shingles, flashing, drainage system, soffit, facia and more can all become compromised by falling debris like tree branches and sticks.

Nuisance animals can also make their way into small openings caused by general wear and tear. For commercial roofing, flashing, vents, and deposit sheets can also become damaged from these elements.

Whether moderate or severe, storms, water, wind, and hail can all cause serious property issues. The most common being roof leaks as water can seep into the ceiling and damage the flooring, walls and furnishings below. Over time, this will result in structural damage and even mold growth when left untreated.

For abandoned buildings, all these sources of damage can lead to the collapse of the property. But whether the damage to your roof is minor or severe, it’s important to contact a roofing contractor right away.

Professional Roofing Services

As any roof leak is considered an emergency, our professionals at RestorationMaster will respond right away to stabilize, tarp over, and repair your roof. Our professionals work with all kinds of roof materials, preventing additional damage from the elements. We can also restore the interior damage within your home or building such as water or mold damage as well as work with your insurance agent during the claims process if you chose to file one.

Our roof reconstruction services include the following:

Available 24/7

Don’t hesitate to give our professionals a call in the event you have a roof leak. Our professionals are available 24/7 and will respond right away to your first call, preventing additional damage while repairing your roof.

Give us a call at (470) 458-3664 for emergency reconstruction roofing services in Ellenwood, GA.

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