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Hoarding Cleanup in Clayton County, GA

RCM Restoration Services

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Hoarding has become a big issue for many families. Hoarding behaviors cause homes to become very cluttered with stuff which creates dangerous conditions for those inhabiting the home. Hoarding is a deeper problem than just a lack of cleanliness as individuals who hoard have a tough time parting with their belongings, as it causes them anxiety and even depression. The accumulation of clutter can cause the living conditions in the home to become extremely difficult. Just moving around the property from room to room can become impossible due to substantial amounts of clutter. This clutter can become a fire hazard and increase the risk of injuries and mold growth.

If you have a loved one who is currently hoarding, make sure you approach the situation carefully as to not offend or hurt them. They need to realize that hoarding clutter can cause them harm and it needs to be cleaned up. Once they are at a point where they are willing to have the home cleaned and restored, reach out to RCM Restoration Services for hoarding clean up services immediately.

Professional Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding Cleanup in Clayton County, GARCM Restoration Services offers hoarding clean up in Clayton County, GA. We will remove clutter of all types and disinfect all areas of the home. We work closely with the affected individual during the cleaning process and ensure that they know exactly which items are kept and which are thrown away.

How to Approach a Hoarder

Our team is professional and experienced in dealing with individuals affected by hoarding, and we do so with compassion and understanding. Sometimes, hoarding individuals are not comfortable reaching out to cleaning services, or they may not understand that their hoarding is a problem. This is when loved ones can speak with them to help them further. It is important that the affected individual makes the decision that they would like their home cleaned. They should never be forced, but instead their loved ones should help them understand why the cleaning is necessary. Once they are ready for clean-up, you can call our professionals to begin the cleaning process.

Experienced Hoarding Cleaning

Having a home affected by hoarding cleaned and disinfected is a tough job and should be managed by professionals. Make sure to reach out to RCM Restoration Services for all your hoarding clean-up needs. We have the right tools and equipment to clean, disinfect, and restore homes. We will walk the hoarding individual through the process every step of the way so they feel comfortable during clean-up, and we get their approval when it comes to discarding items. No items are discarded without their approval.

We follow the below steps when cleaning up a hoarded home:

Step 1: Building a strong relationship based on trust and understanding.

Step 2: Developing a cleaning plan, with the hoarding individual giving their approval when it comes to keeping and discarding items.

Step 3: We will follow-up with the hoarding individual via phone to check on their living situation. If needed, we will make additional cleaning appointments.

Our hoarding services include the following:

  • Removal of all unnecessary/unwanted items
  • Saving of high-value items: heirlooms, jewelry, money
  • Assistance in deciding what to keep, recycle, throw away, and donate
  • Delivery of certain items kept for friends and family
  • Assistance with legal paperwork
  • Deep cleaning of the home to restore healthy living conditions

If you are faced with a family member who struggles with hoarding, make sure you collaborate with them to understand that clutter cleanup is needed. Once you call RCM Restoration Services for your hoarding cleaning needs, we will arrive right away and begin the cleaning and de-cluttering process. Rest assured that we will approach the hoarding individual with utmost respect and ensure they are comfortable with the entire process.

For full hoarding clean-up services in Clayton County, GA make sure to reach out to RCM Restoration Services at (678) 809-7788.

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