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Flood Damage Restoration in Clayton County, GA

Commercial and Residential Water Damage Mitigation

Call: (470) 458-3664 available 24/7

Service Area: Clayton County, Fayette County, Fulton County, Georgia

Severe flooding at your home or business can cause major damage to your property. It is important to act quickly and call the professionals to clean it up when flooding occurs. This will help stop the water from spreading and prevent further property damage or mold growth. Make sure to call us as soon as you notice flood damage.


RestorationMaster offers flood damage restoration services in Clayton County, GA, and the surrounding areas. Our highly trained professionals will make sure all the flood water has been removed from your property, and then we will dry and restore all the affected areas.

Damage Caused by Indoor Flooding

Indoor flooding can happen at any time. Water from floods can get absorbed into porous materials such as drywall, flooring, and wood. When these materials get soaked with water, they can corrode, rot and warp. However, the main concern is structural damage from structural materials like wood and drywall absorbing too much water.

When there is flooding, there is always a concern about mold. Mold forms in areas with excess moisture and water damage and it can cause significant damage to the affected materials. You should also be aware that the presence of mold can negatively affect your health.

Anytime you experience flooding indoors, there is a chance that the water could contain sewage. Sewage water will cause permanent damage as porous materials absorb the waste with the water. If you experience sewage in your flood water, make sure to stay away from the flooded area and call our professionals so we can safely clean it up.

Flood Damage Cleanup and Restoration

RestorationMaster technicians are highly trained and certified and have the proper equipment to fully clean and restore your property. We will make sure to remove all the flood water from the affected areas and restore the resulting damage.

These are the steps we take during the flood damage restoration:

  • Initial evaluation: Our highly trained technicians will evaluate the flood damage and figure out a restoration plan that works best.
  • Water extraction: We will use hi-tech equipment that will remove flood water from your property.
  • Drying and dehumidification:  Our specialized drying equipment will be used in all affected areas of your property to make sure it fully dries out wet building materials and furnishings.
  • Cleaning and restoration: Your property will be cleaned and disinfected with our specialized cleaners.
  • Mold remediation: All mold growth caused by flooding will be removed.

Call Us for Flood Damage Cleanup

Make sure to act quickly if your property is affected by flooding. Call our professionals at RestorationMaster so we can get your property back to its original state.

You can call us 24 hours a day at (470) 458-3664 for all your emergency flood damage restoration needs in Clayton County, GA.