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Water Damage Cleanup Services – Burst and Frozen Pipes

First Restoration America

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Burst pipes can be a nightmare for homeowners, often resulting in flooding and water pooling throughout the property. These mishaps are typically caused by a variety of factors, including freezing temperatures, aging pipes, high water pressure, or insufficient insulation. When temperatures go low, water trapped inside the pipes can freeze, expanding and ultimately causing them to crack or burst open. Similarly, older or corroded pipes are more susceptible to giving way under pressure. The sudden release of water from a burst pipe can quickly inundate your home, causing extensive damage to walls, floors, and personal belongings. If you suspect a burst pipe, it’s essential to call a professional help.

First Restoration America is a Disaster Restoration Company with 30 years of experience. We specialize in frozen pipe repair and water damage cleanup services in case a pipe has burst and caused flooding or a mess on the property.

burst and frozen pipes charlotte nc

Water Damage Cleanup in Charlotte, NC

When we arrive, our team carefully assesses the damage caused by the burst pipe. Safety is our top priority, so we take all necessary precautions to keep everyone safe during the cleanup. Using powerful equipment, we quickly remove the standing water to prevent further damage and mold growth. Then, we thoroughly dry out the area and clean and sanitize all affected surfaces.

Our skilled technicians handle any necessary repairs or replacements to restore your property to its pre-damage condition. Throughout the process, we keep you informed and provide support with insurance documentation if needed. With our prompt response, expertise, and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to handle your water damage cleanup effectively and efficiently.

Watch Out These Signs That Indicate Frozen or Burst Pipe

  • Frost on Pipes: Visible frost on exposed pipes, such as those in basements, crawl spaces, or attics, is a clear sign of freezing. It indicates that the pipe’s temperature has dropped below freezing.
  • Strange Odors: A foul or musty odor coming from faucets or drains can suggest a burst pipe, especially if accompanied by reduced water flow or discoloration.
  • Visible Damage: Inspect pipes for bulges, cracks, or water stains, particularly in areas prone to freezing or where pipes are exposed. These signs may indicate a burst pipe leaking water.
  • Strange Sounds: If you hear banging, clanking, or hissing noises when running water, it could signal a frozen or burst pipe. These sounds occur due to pressure buildup or water escaping from a damaged pipe.
  • Water Damage: Any unexplained water damage, such as wet walls, ceilings, or floors, could result from a burst pipe. Be vigilant for signs of water infiltration or pooling in unexpected areas.

Frozen Pipe Repair Done Here

When we tackle frozen pipe issues, we take a careful and thorough approach to restore your plumbing system. We start with a detailed assessment to understand the damage extent. Our team then carefully thaws the pipes, making sure to prioritize safety and precision. Once thawed, we check for cracks or leaks and fix any issues we find right away. To stop future problems, we provide expert guidance on insulating your pipes. And to wrap things up, we give your property a thorough cleanup, leaving it spotless and ready for use.

Contact us today for Water Damage Cleanup From Burst Pipe

If you’re unable to thaw the pipe or suspect it has burst, it’s essential to contact water damage cleanup experts. We understand the urgency of the situation and are available 24/7 to help you with pipe burst cleanup and repair in Charlotte, NC

Call  (980) 888-8456 for Help!

Recent Reviews

Dan Davoli

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"I’m thrilled with the work done by First Restoration. The crew was punctual, professional, clean, and the project started and ended when they said it would! The price for my remodel was very competitive, and there were no “surprises” along the way. Within 2 days of the project being completed, I received a call from the owner of the company asking if I needed anything else, and if I was satisfied. I appreciated the personal touch and desire to ensure I was satisfied with their work product. 5 stars!"

Kevin Norton

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"First restoration was great. I had a leak from an upstairs washer. Keith answered my call right away. Employees arrived a few hours after my call and set up the fans and dehumidifier. First restoration was great and would strongly recommend them in the future."

Judy Hudson

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

“Fortified with a sense of humor, First Restoration was able to come into my home during some really tough times. They not only helped me when I needed them most following Hurricane Matthew but were also reliable and honest about their work- completed in timely manner too! Plus they have this great attitude that makes you want them on every project from hereon out... I would highly recommend using these guys if anyone wants an excellent restoration service done right”

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