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Burst And Frozen Pipe Damage Restoration Charlotte, North Carolina

United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte

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The damage caused by a frozen or burst pipe is always frustrating.  When a water pipe bursts in your home it’s easy to panic. The inconvenience and damage caused by excess water following a frozen pipe or pipe burst is significant. But with United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte emergency burst pipe repair, we can handle the restoration of the water damage and minimize the damage done to your home or business.

A pipe can freeze and burst at any time, and significant water damage can happen due to the burst. When your home or business is impacted by water damage, time is of the essence. If a property with water damage is left unattended, it could result in a high-cost repair bill. The sooner you get a professional to look at your water damage, the better off you’ll be. At United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte, we provide burst pipe damage restoration in Charlotte, NC to clean and restore the resulting water damage.  We are available 24/7, so you will get professional water damage restoration no matter when disaster decides to strike.

frozen pipesHow Burst Pipes Occur

A pipe may burst due to several reasons including wear and tear of the pipe or improper installation of the pipe and fittings.  However, the most common cause of a pipe burst is frozen pipes.  When the outside temperature drops below freezing, the water within the pipes is at risk of also freezing.  The ice within the pipe will continue to expand and put a lot of pressure on the pipe itself.  When the pressure becomes too much, the pipe will burst.

When a pipe bursts, gallons of water can spill out of the pipe and into the surrounding areas of your home very quickly.  This is why the first thing you should do after a pipe burst is shut off the water at the emergency shut-off valve.  The water that spilled out will get absorbed into the affected building materials and furnishings, allowing the damage to spread, and increasing the risk of structural damage.  Mold growth is also likely to occur in areas affected by water damage.  Once you shut off the water, you need to call our professionals for water damage restoration right away.

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Water Damage Restoration from Burst Pipes

When you are dealing with water damage, it is important to rule out the presence of mold or structural damage that the standing water may have caused. Our water damage restoration services include an inspection of the affected spaces with our high-tech water sensing equipment.  At United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte, we will get the job done correctly.  Our team comes to your job ready to work and with all the tools needed to complete the water damage restoration including water extraction equipment, air movers, dehumidifiers, sub floor drying equipment, and wood floor drying systems.

Once we have extracted the water and dried the affected areas and materials, we’ll sanitize the affected areas and anywhere that may have been cross contaminated by the standing water.

We are always here to help each of our customers from start to finish.  When you choose us for water damage restoration, we will document all the items or materials in your home or business that were affected by the water damage and submit our findings to your insurance company. So, when your home or business is faced with water damage, trust United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte to get your property back to new.

You can call us 24/7 at (980) 888-8456 for frozen pipe damage restoration in Charlotte, NC.

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