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Hoarding Cleanup in Austin, TX 78745


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At RestorationMaster, we provide complete hoarding cleanup services to homeowners in the Austin, TX, area. We do this because the effects of hoarding tendencies can lead to severe injury and death if they go unaddressed.

Through compassionate and effective services, we help those struggling with compulsive hoarding disorder clean out their property, and learn to maintain a sanitary living space once we leave.

The Difficulties of Hoarding

The reason hoarding situations are so difficult to change is because affected individuals suffer from a disorder that makes them feel extreme anxiety and fear when they are faced with throwing items away. This same condition also makes it difficult for them to reach out for assistance. Trusted friends and family members should respectfully confront hoarders in order to help them address their habits. It could very well save their life.

Hoarding is extremely dangerous for anybody visiting or living in the affected home for several reasons:

  • Fires are more likely to occur.
  • If a fire does occur, it will be more intense due to cluttered items acting as fuel.
  • When disasters happen, avenues of escape will be limited because of blocked exits.
  • Items can tip over and fall on top of individuals.
  • Bacteria and mold can grow in areas that are left unattended.
  • Allergens will build up to a dangerous degree.

Pointing out these risks to those affected by hoarding tendencies is a great way to open up a dialogue about their condition. In most cases, individuals will be more open to allowing someone to clean their property once they realize the danger that they and their loved ones are in.

Professional Hoarding Cleaning in Austin, TX

RestorationMaster is a trusted provider of hoarding cleanup services because of the respect that we show to individuals struggling with compulsive hoarding. We completely understand the psychological factors inhibiting your ability to throw away belongings, which is why we will work with you to decide which items should stay or go.

When you choose to work with us for hoarding cleaning, you can expect the following:

  • The establishment of trust through open dialogue (we will not begin our services until a relationship has begun to develop).
  • The development and implementation of a cleaning plan (we allow affected individuals to have a say in which items should be thrown away, kept, recycled, or donated).
  • Assistance with cleaning after we leave through a custom cleaning plan and periodic follow-ups.

Contact Us

The effects of hoarding can be highly dangerous, which is why we encourage you to contact our RestorationMaster representatives for assistance. Through our hoarding cleanup services, we will get your property back in a livable condition once more.

We can be reached at (512) 765-9630, and proudly help those affected by hoarding tendencies in the Austin, TX, community.

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