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Water Damage Restoration Services in Temple, TX 76502

Water damage can come from a variety of sources, making it the most common disaster that can occur on a property. Even excess moisture leftover from a leak, untreated water damage, sewage backups, and other problems can create additional issues for your property. Remember that water can quickly travel through porous materials and even encourage mold growth, so it is important to take action immediately.

Target Restoration provides emergency water damage restoration for homes and businesses in Temple, TX. Our technicians and Master Water Restorers are each IICRC-certified and have undergone multiple training courses in order to provide anbeffective and efficient service.

Immediate Water Damage CleanupWater-Damage-Restoration-in-Temple-TX

Target Restoration completely understands the urgency to have the affected materials dried out quickly, which is why we move quickly to dry out the structure. Without immediate action, the water will spread through the walls, ceiling, and floors, creating musty odors the longer it is left untreated.

But as soon as our technicians arrive, the damage will be limited soon after beginning the restoration process.

Our water damage restoration services include all of the following:

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Emergency Response
  • Water Extraction
  • Complete Dry Out and Moisture Control
  • Thermal Imaging and Moisture Mapping
  • Contents Restoration
  • Structural Repairs

Water Damage Mitigation

In addition to being licensed and experienced, our professionals are all compliant with HIPPA to respect your privacy. We also handle these situations with complete care while complying with all safety, health, and legal requirements as the affected area can be contaminated, containing biohazards, sewage, or mold. After the restoration service, we will document the process and assist with your insurance claim.

Our water damage restoration services also cover all of the following properties:

  • Assisted living facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Factories and healthcare offices
  • Office buildings
  • Universities and schools

Our Process

When excess water is absorbed into porous materials like drywall, wood, and carpeting, permanent damage including rotting, swelling, and discoloration will occur. At this point, they will need to be replaced, a vital part of the restoration process. For the materials containing partial damage, they will be fully dried out and cleaned to avoid mold growth.

Our water damage cleanup process includes all of the following procedures:

  • Pre-Inspection: As soon as we arrive, our technicians will evaluate the area to determine the best plan of action.
  • Installation of Drying Equipment: Target Restoration will be responsible for setting up and repositioning drying equipment as well as using sensitive moisture meters and mapping techniques to locate the areas with highest levels of damage. Our air movers will then force air circulation, extracting water from the remaining structures and materials.
  • Contents Restoration: Our professionals will work with you and your insurance agent to evaluate all damaged items, determining whether or not they can be salvaged. All items will usually be dried on-site, including electronics and antiques. If needed, special drying techniques will also be used to restore the property.
  • Moisture Control and Dehumidification: Once the moisture is pulled from the structure and contents, it will reside in the air until our equipment then evaporates it. Otherwise, it can sink back into the materials and cause additional damage.
  • Odor Removal: It is common for water damage to leave behind musty odors, even after being dried out. So our professionals will use ozone equipment to fully eliminate the odor particles from within.
  • Structural Repairs: Target Restoration will fully remove all soiled materials and install replacements.

Flood Damage Extraction

In the event of indoor flooding, this can cause the greatest amount of damage to the property. But if the water had seeped into the foundation, it is likely to be contaminated, thus, worsening the damage. Our technicians at Target Restoration have years of handling these situations, completely extracting floodwaters into our truck-mounted system, followed by conducting an evaluation of the damage to your property.

We can restore your property from all of the following situations:

  • Sewage Backups: Due to the amount of contaminated water, avoiding all contact is extremely important as it can cause severe health effects. Our technicians use high-powered machines and protection equipment to safely restore the affected area to a safe and clean condition.
  • Natural Flooding: Flooding caused by rivers, excessive ground water and rain will usually contain many contaminants. Our powerful equipment can both extract and dry out the structure while also restoring the contents.
  • Indoor Flooding: Flooding caused by burst pipes appliance leaks can affect both the electrical and plumbing components, a mess that will need to be cleaned up right away.

As common as water damage is in homes and buildings, quick action must still be taken to call for restoration services. Target Restoration is both licensed and experienced in the state of Texas to extract excess water while drying out the affected structure. We can also work with insurance adjusters during the claims process.

Available 24/7

Call Target Restoration right away (254) 613-7545 for water damage restoration services in the Temple, TX area.

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