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Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration in Reno, NV

Nevada Water & Fire Restoration


For victims caught up in fire whether at home or office, it can be one of the most vulnerable and devastating experiences. The speed and ferocity at which the fire spreads can cause a huge amount of damages and loss to property. When a tragedy like this occurs, it is best to contact a professional immediately.

Nevada Water and Fire Restoration is a leading company in fire damage restoration offering fast response services to any size of damage in Reno, NV. We understand that people, communities, their jobs and living matter, hence our emergency team is committed to help you bring back your property and life to a pre-loss condition as quickly as possible. It is the training and knowledge of the technicians that ensures your home is returned to normal. We use only professional restoration products and equipment for your structure and contents, removing the smoke and soot byproducts to return each material to its original condition.

What Causes Fire Damage?

Fire can arise from a multitude of sources, each capable of causing significant harm and posing serious risks. Here are some common reasons listed:

  • Electrical malfunction
  • Smoking materials like cigars, e-cigarettes, candles
  • Unattended cooking and heating appliances
  • Broken gas lines and other faulty appliances
  • Christmas tree
  • Combustible dust
  • Wildfire
  • Lightning
  • Man-made fires arising from deliberate burning of trees and garbage

Damage Caused by Smoke and Soot

Once the fire is out, smoke can travel throughout your home’s ventilation system with ease. Once it settles onto household surfaces, the soot can cause permanent damage, known as etching and tarnishing to the surface, changing its structural composition. Smoke also has the ability to travel through walls and for days after the flames have been extinguished. This is why it’s crucial to take immediate action afterward to prevent the damage from spreading.

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Fire Damage Restoration in Reno, NV

The professionals at Nevada Water and Fire Restoration have the expertise and experience to handle all sizes of fire damage. The company has received an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

Our Fire Damage Restoration Services Include:

  • Securing the Property: After the elimination of fire hazard, our fire restoration specialists will take immediate steps to protect and secure your property to help prevent any further damages or vandalism. The team will safeguard your property and belongings by boarding up the fragile windows and doors and tarping any holes in the roofs if necessary.
  • Assessment and Inspection: Later on, the team will conduct a fire-damage evaluation of your entire property to see how badly your walls, ceilings, furniture and other personal belongings were damaged during the accident. This is necessary to understand the extent of the damage and make a proper restoration plan that will suit your budget and needs.
  • Water Extraction & Removal: During the mitigation process and fire-cleanup, a large amount of water is used to extinguish the flames, creating a lot of standing water inside the property and in the surroundings. Hence, it is necessary to remove and dry out this excessive water to prevent from any damages of mold and mildew.
  • Inventory and Pack out: During the incident, there may be chances that your furniture, personal items and belongings might have been affected. In order to prevent any further damage, our trained professionals will do content cleaning that includes carefully documenting, photographing and packing your valuables in a safe secured box.
  • Smoke Damage Cleanup & Odor removal: The lingering smoke and soot is unhealthy and can cause possible damage to property and own health. Considering this, our specialists have industry renowned air-scrubbing technology, supplies and expertise that are needed to clean the remaining smoke and soot residue from ceilings, walls, and other areas. Our deodorize and clean up service experts use advanced equipment that are required to remove the bad odor from smoke.
  • Repairs and Restoration: Once the cleaning is completed, our professionals will begin the restoration process that includes rebuilding and replacing the walls, floors and roofs, replacing fixtures, electrical system and bringing the property to its normal looking condition.

nevada water & fire restoration experts restoring the house after fire

Essential Safety Steps to Take After Fire

  • If the fire is active, contact 911 to mitigate it and evacuate individuals if trapped inside.
  • If the damage is severe, find a safe place to stay for temporary.
  • Contact us when you notice any damages to rebuild and restore
  • Contact your insurance company and notify them
  • Do not try to mitigate the fire by yourself
  • Do not rebuild or restore the property by yourself
  • Do not go near to electrical board or gas lines
  • Do not use any appliances or electronics
  • Don’t wash anything and stay away from carpets, furniture and upholstery

Fire Damage Insurance Claim

We team up with different insurance companies to make it easier for our clients dealing with fire, water, or other damage. We use our know-how to help them through the insurance process, making sure they file claims accurately and quickly. We talk to insurance adjusters, give them detailed reports on the damage, and push for fair settlements. Our goal is to get our clients the most coverage possible, so they don’t have to worry about paperwork or negotiations. We believe in working together openly and honestly to speed up the restoration process and support our clients as they rebuild after a disaster.

NV Water Fire Work With All Insurance Companies

Our Fire Restoration Contractor

Andrew Sumauskas , originally from Lithuania, has lived in the Reno/Sparks area for 18 years. In 2006, he started Nevada Water and Fire Restoration after running a carpet cleaning business. As the owner, Mr. Sumauskas manages day-to-day tasks, focuses on client satisfaction, builds a strong team, and emphasizes corporate responsibility. Andrew’s commitment to education is clear through his various certifications in insurance and restoration.

Call us for Fire Damage Restoration Services in Reno, NV

By having a fire restoration company like Nevada Water & Fire Restoration, Reno NV, you can guarantee your home or office will be restored in no time. Our 24/7 emergency restoration team is caring and courteous who have the expertise to handle disaster restoration of all kinds and sizes. We will also work with your insurance company during the claims process, allowing you to focus on other matters.

For fire damage restoration services in the Reno NV area, call Nevada Water & Fire Restoration at 775-546-2036. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help you get back to the original condition.

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More Information on Fire Damage Cleanup

What to throw away after smoke damage?

After smoke damage, it’s essential to discard items that are heavily affected and cannot be salvaged. This includes porous materials like upholstery, carpeting, mattresses, and clothing that retain smoke odors and residues. Additionally, perishable food items, opened packages, and medicines exposed to smoke should be disposed of to avoid potential health risks.

Can baking soda be used to put out fire?

Baking soda can be a handy tool for putting out certain fires. When exposed to heat, it releases carbon dioxide gas, which suffocates flames by depriving them of oxygen. It’s particularly effective for dealing with small kitchen grease fires and electrical fires. However, it’s important to understand that baking soda might not be suitable for all types of fires, such as those involving flammable liquids or gases. In such cases, using a fire extinguisher designed for the specific type of fire is safer. Nonetheless, having baking soda on hand can be a practical and cost-effective way to tackle small, contained fires at home.

How to clean burn marks from walls and cabinets in the kitchen?

In this guide, we explain how to effectively clean smoke stains from walls and cabinets. To clean walls stained with burn marks, start by using a chemical dry-cleaning sponge. Gently wipe the walls, ensuring the sponge doesn’t become too saturated with soot; if it does, clean and dry it before continuing. This sponge is effective at lifting burn marks, though stubborn ones may persist. In such cases, use paint thinner or rubbing alcohol on a regular sponge for further cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is fire damage restoration costly?

The cleanup and restoration is expensive. The cost depends on how much damage there is and how big the area affected is. It involves tasks like cleaning up debris, repairing things, and getting rid of smells.

Will my insurance rates increase after filing a fire damage claim?

Submitting a fire damage claim usually doesn’t lead to an instant rise in insurance rates. Yet, premiums might change later, influenced by factors like the damage extent, past claims, and overall risk of the property.

Can smoke and soot damage affect electronics and appliances?

Smoke and soot can get inside electronics and appliances, which might lead to malfunctions or corrosion. It’s important to have them checked during the restoration process.

Will my HVAC system need to be cleaned or replaced after smoke and soot damage?

Smoke and soot particles can infiltrate HVAC systems, ductwork, and filters, potentially spreading contaminants throughout the property. Hence we recommend you to get it inspected. Our restoration professionals are expert in all kinds of fire damage cleanup services.

Recent Reviews

Review by Denise Burke
Disaster Restoration
Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"I have to thank everyone that came out to my home! I called on a Sunday and Garrett was there on Monday. He was professional and informative. He talked me through what needed to be done and worked directly with my insurance company. I would like to personally thank Will, Sean and Alexander for their hard work. They were like having family in my home. They are exceptional young men! Also, thank you to Floyd, he comes everyday to follow up and keeps me updated. I have to say, I was so overwhelmed with the water and mold situation but from the first visit I was taken care of with professionalism, compassion and a job well done."

Review by John Capuano
Disaster Restoration
Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Nick and his crew are extremely professional and worked very hard to get our home cleaned up and ready to get put back together. I can’t thank these guys enough for taking the time to explain the process and answer all of my questions. Even if they were small questions, they showed they cared and helped me understand what it would take to safely clean our home. Do not hesitate hiring these guys, they’re honey bee clean experts up now! Jake and Johnathan - thank you guys as well for walking me through the process and making recommendations along the way. The Honey Bee mess is all gone!"

Review by Nevada Dad
Disaster Restoration
Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Was very impressed by how fast the response was and the priority given to us in light of many other simultaneous jobs ongoing. The team on the ground (literally - in our crawl space) was very diligent, courteous, and professional. Garrett and Joey did a great job keeping commitments, even when there were extenuating circumstances and I felt like this was a company staffed by a team that not only cared, but was willing to go the extra mile when necessary. And most importantly, the remediation work was done with high quality and passed an independent industrial hygienist inspection the first time. From the time we called until the inspector's "all clear" cert was issued was only about 10 days for a 1700 sq ft house and knowing that a team was in here all day every day for 5 straight days helped reinforce that they were giving our project a level of extra urgency and attention that was really appreciated. This was grueling work in a very confined, unpleasant space and I couldn't be happier with the end result or the way the team made a very challenging process as palatable as possible in keeping our house clean and relatively undisrupted."