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Sewage Cleanup in Newport, SC


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Water used for its intended purposes is important in any home. We rely on it every day to cook, clean, bathe, and more. But when water gets out of its designated confines, major destruction can ensue.

Excess water from floods, burst pipes, and leaks can cause major damage to the structure and personal property of a home, especially when that water is contaminated with sewage. Unlike clean water, sewage also contains harmful bacteria and other contaminants that more severely damage your home and make it unsafe to inhabit. When sewage has flooded your home, call the experts at RestorationMaster to help.

RestorationMaster provides sewage cleanup services in Newport, SC to help affected homes and businesses. Our process is safe, effective, and industry-tested to provide results. Utilizing this combination of experience and proper technique, we can safely remove sewage from your home so it’s back to normal in no time.


Professional Sewage Backup Cleanup in Newport, SC

Having your home damaged by clean water is devastating enough. But when you add sewage to the mix, the outcome is much more destructive and difficult to correct. This is because the bacteria and other waste products found in sewage bind to your property and compound the damage done by water alone. Getting professional help quickly is the only way to minimize the risk of severe permanent damage.

When you notice water in your home that seems to be contaminated by sewage, contact RestorationMaster quickly and stay clear of the area until help arrives.

We work hard to make sure your home is completely sewage-free when we’re done using only top-notch drying, dehumidification, and disinfection methods and equipment.

We provide the following with our sewer backup cleaning services:

  • Sewage Extraction: We can remove sewage and contaminated flood water with the most advanced water extraction equipment available.
  • Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting: The dangerous substances in sewage water can lead to negative health effects and result in foul odors. We will thoroughly clean and disinfect the affected areas once the sewage is removed and provide odor removal if necessary.
  • Drying and Dehumidification: Our advanced drying equipment and dehumidifiers will help ensure that your home or building is completely dry following a sewage backup.


Call us for Sewage Backup Cleanup in Newport, SC

When left alone even for short periods of time, sewage can destroy your home and many of the contents within it. Acting quickly is the only way to protect your property from becoming permanently tarnished.

Contact RestorationMaster at (980) 888-8456 for 24/7 emergency sewage cleanup in Newport, SC.

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