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Fire Damage Restoration in Newport, SC


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Fires are catastrophic events that strike homes unexpectedly. Even after the fire is extinguished, further damage can ensue as a result of smoke, soot, and other corrosive materials the fire created. The structure of your home can also be compromised as a result of the flames. When you’re faced with a fire emergency, a restoration professional like RestorationMaster is one of the first calls you should make.

RestorationMaster provides comprehensive fire damage restoration services to Newport, SC businesses and families. We work to first stabilize and then repair buildings that have been ravaged by fire. If the damage to the structure of your home is severe, we may need to rebuild it with reconstruction.


Damage from Fire and Smoke

The damage caused by fires can be extensive. As a fire burns through a home, it can burn your personal property and even destroy building materials, leaving the home structurally unstable. Calling a professional restoration company immediately to board up and stabilize the building is essential to prevent collapse.

Fires also leave behind smoke, soot, and other corrosive byproducts that can further damage a home and the property inside it. Unlike fire, smoke and soot can linger indefinitely and continue to cause damage as they do so. Professional cleaning methods are necessary to prevent permanent etching and staining from fire byproducts.

At RestorationMaster, it is our mission to help homes and businesses in Newport, SC restore their properties after a fire. We will stabilize your building and prevent the progression of damage from smoke and soot.

Professional Fire and Smoke Damage Cleanup

We take pride in our ability to handle all kinds of fire damage, from small incidents limited to one area to major fires that blaze through an entire building. Our team gets to work immediately to stabilize your property, pre-clean affected materials, and restore the building to its original condition. If necessary, we will also provide structural repairs, reconstruction, and deodorization of smoke and soot odors.

You can expect the following from our fire damage restoration services:

  • Stabilization and repair: We will board up and stabilize your home or building and implement a complete reconstruction plan to repair the damage.
  • Smoke and soot cleaning: Our technicians use specialized cleaning products and techniques to restore items and materials damaged by smoke and soot.
  • Smoke odor removal: Our specialized equipment can purify the air and extract smoke odors from porous building materials and furnishings to remove lingering odors.
  • Content pack-out and storage: We can pack out and transfer your damaged personal items to our facility for cleaning and storage.

Call us for Fire Damage Restoration in Newport, SC

When you’re dealing with damage from a fire in your home or business, RestorationMaster is here to help. We provide a full scope of fire damage restoration services including stabilization, content cleaning, odor removal, and more to help you get your property back to normal.

You can reach our team 24/7 for emergency service at (980) 888-8456.

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