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Water Damage Restoration in Newport Beach, CA

(949) 666-8450

Water damage is a common problem for homes and buildings, but it’s something that must be addressed immediately to prevent the damage from worsening. This is because of how the excess water and moisture can spread. Many building materials are porous, so they will absorb excess water and moisture, allowing the water damage to spread further and cause structural damage. Then, to make matters worse, the water eventually gives way to mold growth, which leads to even more problems.

With our water damage cleanup services for Newport Beach, CA, RestorationMaster will remove excess water and moisture from homes and buildings. Our technicians will thoroughly extract all of the water and moisture from your property and restore any damaged structural elements and furnishings.

Call RestorationMaster at (949) 666-8450 for the professional water damage restoration services that we provide in Newport Beach, CA.

Water Damage Restoration Process

At RestorationMaster, we employ technicians who have the proper training and advanced equipment and cleaning products to effectively conduct water damage cleanup. We can restore both residential and commercial settings and will do so in an efficient manner. Additionally, we have the proper insurance and licensing.

Water Restoration Newport Beach, CA

For immediate water damage restoration services in Newport Beach, CA, contact RestorationMaster at (949) 666-8450.

Included within the complete water damage cleanup services we provide are:

  • Thorough water damage restoration
  • Water extraction
  • Drying and dehumidification
  • Building and content cleaning
  • Carpeting, rug, and upholstery cleaning
  • Furniture refreshing
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Biohazard cleanup
  • Document drying and recovery
  • Electronics restoration
  • Fine art and antique restoration
  • Mold removal
  • Odor removal

Reacting to Water Damage

The best action to take when dealing with water damage is to address it immediately. Otherwise, the longer the water goes unattended, the more damage it will cause. The water will continue to spread through porous building materials and furnishings, and mold may begin to grow as a result.

When drywall, insulation, wood, and other porous materials are exposed to water, they weaken. As such, the materials become structurally damaged. Mold growth likely occurs, too, because mold spores have the water and food source needed for growth. The mold growth will then cause further structural damage and lead to health concerns such as respiratory problems and allergies.

Until both the water and mold have been removed and properly addressed, water and mold will keep spreading throughout your property. That said, it’s essential to take immediate action.

Flood Cleanup Steps to Take at Home:

  • Get in touch with RestorationMaster‘s water damage professionals so that we can contain the damage.
  • Mop and blot excess water to remove it.
  • Remove any wet rugs and temporary floor coverings but leave permanent carpeting alone.
  • Hang the bottom of any drapes on a hanger and hang it up on the drape rod to keep the drapes off the floor.
  • Prop cushions to dry them and wipe down any wet furniture.
  • Store important documents, photos, paintings, and other similar objects in a safe place.
  • Until we can treat them with our drying methods, pack damaged books tightly together on a shelf to limit the amount of warping done.
  • Open all cabinet and closet doors to speed up the drying process.

When Dealing with Water Damage, Avoid the Following:

  • Do not go into a room that contains standing water unless the power has been shut off.
  • Do not remove water with a standard vacuum cleaner.
  • Do not try removing any permanent flooring without a professional’s help.
  • Do not use electrical appliances if the floor is wet.
  • Do not try removing any cases of mold growth.

Flood Cleanup

In Newport Beach, CA, flash flooding is common, so the homes and businesses in the area are vulnerable to flood damage. With a desert climate and terrain, the conditions are perfect for flash flooding to occur. The sun’s heat hardens the clay soil, limiting the soil’s ability to absorb rainwater fast enough. Because of this, flash flooding takes place quickly. That said, those in Newport Beach, CA, need to be prepared for flash floods.

Get in touch with RestorationMaster if you discover water damage in your home or business. We provide water damage cleanup services in Newport Beach, CA, to extract excess water and moisture from your property. We will also repair any structural damage and remove mold growth.

Available 24/7

Contact RestorationMaster at (949) 666-8450 24 hours a day for water damage restoration services in Newport Beach, CA.

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