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Odor Removal in Bullhead City, AZ 86442

(702) 786-1999

When your home or business has suffered damage in the aftermath of a disaster, you will likely need to have work done to it. As such, it’s relieving to return to a restored property. However, such a feeling can be ruined if lingering odors remain, which is common after a disaster. To thoroughly eliminate the odors, professional deodorization services are required.

Serving Bullhead City, AZ, ServiceMaster EMT offers odor removal to remove odors from residential and commercial properties. Our employees are properly trained and equipped to eliminate any and all odors, including those sourced by smoke, mold, and biological matter.

Odor Removal Bullhead City, AZ


We completely remove odors by using advanced deodorization equipment: hydroxyl technology, ozone technology, thermal fogging, and Nano carbon technology. Among the smells we can eliminate are:

  • Fire and smoke odor
  • Dead animal and pet odor
  • Biohazard and death scene odors
  • Musty odors sourced by mold and water

With our multi-step deodorization process, our staff will eliminate odors and prevent them from returning to your home or business.

Odor Removal Services

The following can be expected from our deodorization services:

  • Odor source removal
  • Contaminated furnishing and structural element treatment
  • Contaminated air treatment
  • Air washing
  • Porous surface sealing
  • Complete deodorization process documentation

Types of Odors Removed

The following types of odors will be eliminated through our deodorization process:

  • Fire Damage and Smoke Odor: Our staff will eliminate smoke and/or fire odors from your property’s air space, furnishings, and structural elements.
  • Water Damage and Mold Odor: When there’s excess water or moisture around, it can produce a musty smell and result in mold growth, which produces an odor of its own. Our staff will eliminate water damage odors, such as mold and mildew smells.
  • Biological Odors: Our staff will eliminate odors from dead animals, blood, bodily fluids, and other biological sources.

Contact Us

ServiceMaster EMT will thoroughly eliminate odors from your home or business with our smoke deodorization and odor removal services in Bullhead City, AZ. We can be reached at (702) 786-1999 for a free estimate on these services.

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Excellent service!

Mesquite, NV
Very courteous and efficient.

Professional yet friendly servicemen, Alex and Leon. They made sure to do a great job.

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