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Contents Restoration and Pack Out Services in Newport Beach, CA

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If a disaster strikes and causes damage to your home or business, then damage can be done to your property’s structure, your personal belongings, and your furnishings, too. If not cleaned and restored in a timely manner, then this damage risks becoming permanent, and your content will then be unsalvageable.

With our content restoration and pack out services, RestorationMaster helps homes and businesses in Newport Beach, CA, that have suffered damage from a disaster. With our pack-out services, we will take the time to pack your belongings to be transported to our facility. They are then cleaned and stored there until your property is thoroughly restored. We use these services if your property is too damaged for your belongings to undergo onsite cleaning and restoration.

Content Restoration Newport Beach, CA

When your personal belongings are harmed in a disaster, immediate cleaning is crucial to prevent permanent damage. At RestorationMaster, our staff is well trained and properly equipped to conduct cleaning and deodorization for damaged content, allowing them to be thoroughly restored. If your property is in good enough condition, then we will conduct content cleaning services onsite; however, if this isn’t the case, then we use our pack-out services to conduct cleaning and restoration offsite.

Pack Outs

Sometimes, disasters will damage your home or business so severely that it isn’t safe to conduct content cleaning services onsite. In such a situation, we will use our pack-out services to transport your content to our secured facility. At our facility, we will then thoroughly clean, properly restore, and safely store your belongings. Our staff keeps a detailed inventory of your belongings and then provides the client and their insurance company with a copy of the inventory list. Then, when your property has been thoroughly restored, we will bring your content back to your property.

If a disaster has left your personal belongings damaged, then you must seek immediate help from the content cleaning and pack-out services that RestorationMaster provides in Newport Beach, CA. Our staff will pack your personal belongings, bring them to our facility for cleaning and restoration, and store them there until your property is fully restored.

Available 24/7

For more information regarding our content cleaning and pack out services, give us a call at (888) 767-9075, where we can be reached on a 24/7 basis.

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