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Bio Cleaning Services in Mishawaka, IN

(574) 231-7179

It’s not easy to deal with the aftermath of a personal tragedy like a murder or a suicide. Unfortunately, some matters connected to the tragedy need to be addressed without delay and biohazard cleaning is one of those things. The moment the authorities finish processing the scene and gathering all evidence, you need to call in the professionals to remove all biological matter like blood and tissue. We at ServiceMaster by Monroe Restoration can help with our biohazard cleaning services in Mishawaka, IN.

Why Do You Need a Professional Bio Cleaning Service?

Bio Cleaning Services in Mishawaka, INMost people don’t want to clean the biological evidence of their personal tragedy and even if they did, they shouldn’t attempt it. Household cleaning agents and inexperienced cleaners won’t do a thorough enough job and you’ll be forced to deal with traces of biological material that are left behind.

Our professional biohazard cleaners have special training and knowledge on how to clean these stains and will make sure your property is germ-free and healthy to live in once again. Blood and biological material are prone to contamination and can encourage the growth of pathogens.

These pathogens can make your environment unhealthy and cause infections and illnesses. That’s why it’s vital to clean, sanitize, and deodorize all surfaces. Not all biological traces are visible and some can soak into the cushions, carpets, and pillows, as well as wood floors and linger for months if they’re not cleaned properly.

Our Biohazard Clean Up in Mishawaka, IN

We offer a wide range of biohazard clean-up services and can handle all your requirements. Our experienced cleaners are familiar with all the rules and regulations related to the job and will make sure the cleaning is thorough and efficient. Our services include:

  • Bio Clean-Up After Suicide
  • Blood and Tissue Removal
  • After Death Cleaning, Deodorizing, and Sanitizing
  • After Homicide Clean-Up
  • Crime Scene Clean-Up

Why Us?

  • With us, you can expect complete privacy and discretion. Our cleaners will always respect your situation and your home and handle everything carefully.
  • Our cleaners are thorough and will comb your property to ensure all traces of hazardous materials are removed completely.
  • We know which cleaning agents and materials to use and will make sure your property and furniture aren’t damaged during the cleaning process.

For excellent biohazard cleaning services in Mishawaka, IN, you don’t need to look beyond us at ServiceMaster by Monroe Restoration. If you want more information, just call us at (574) 231-7179 today!



Recent Reviews

Niles, MI
ServiceMaster was quick to respond. Right from my first contact with Julie McMahon I got the feeling of reassurance that I had called the right company. David Korlowicz who coordinated everything was GREAT! Very professional, well trained and personable, as was everybody I was in contact with. So glad I called! Thank You! Todd Sobieralski

Mishawaka, IN
I was very impressed with the employees of ServiceMaster. All the employees I worked with on the water restoration side were very professional and helpful. Valerie and Jose were excellent workers and went above and beyond what was expected of them. [NAME REMOVED] Annaken Inc.

Three Rivers, IN
We had the best experience with them considering our circumstances. Our basement flooded and they handled everything. The crew came out as soon as they received the call and was so nice. Dried out our basement, brought a dumpster for everything we lost and removed it for us. I would recommend them to anyone.