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While natural disasters don’t always cause severe damage to homes and buildings, others can devastate the structure and even affect the building materials. But regardless of the type of damage, both the structure and the personal items need immediate attention to prevent additional and even permanent damage.

RestorationMaster is available in the Huntington, IN area to provide professional content cleaning and pack out services. Using commercial products and equipment, we can have both your property and contents returned to their original condition in a timely manner.

Damages Caused by Disasters

While building materials can often be replaced, personal contents can have a higher value, either sentimental, financial, or both. These item can include jewelry, important documents, family heirlooms and antiques, and more. But quick action must be taken before they become ruined.

RestorationMaster treats all of these situations as emergencies. That’s why we respond immediately to have these items restored before their conditions become worse. Using commercial cleaning agents, we will remove any bacteria, mildew, or soot byproducts. This process can take place either at your property or at our climate-controlled facility.

Professional Pack Out Servicespacks-out-content-cleaning-huntington, IN

While the content cleaning process will usually take place on-site, sometimes the condition of the property doesn’t allow for them to be restored here. In this case, our technicians will create a detailed inventory of your belongings and provide you and your insurance agent with a copy. We will then begin carefully packing the items and have them delivered to our warehouse, where they will be safely restored to their original conditions.

After removing all traces of the damage from the belongings, they will remain in storage at our climate-controlled facility until the restoration work on your property is complete. When you are ready, RestorationMaster will deliver the items to your property. Finally, we will work with your insurance company through the claims process to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Our contents restoration services include all of the following procedures:

  • Inventory: As soon as we arrive, our technicians will conduct an initial inspection, sorting which items are more cost-effective to replace and to restore. They will then create a detailed inventory of all items to be restored at our facility.
  • Packing and Cleaning: The items will be carefully packed and delivered to our climate-controlled warehouse while your property is being restored. Here, the items will be professionally cleaned, dried out, and restored to their original condition.
  • Storage and Delivery: If all of the contents are cleaned before the restoration work is complete on your property structure, they will remain in storage at our secure warehouse. When you are ready, RestorationMaster Contractor will arrange to have them delivered back to your home or building.

If the contents within your home or building have also been compromised after a natural disaster, immediate action must be taken to have them returned to their original condition. This is because the damage will continue to worsen over time.

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RestorationMaster provides emergency content cleaning and pack-out services in the Huntington, IN area at (260) 306-8828. We work with insurance companies.