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Hoarding Cleanup Services in Fayetteville, GA

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Hoarding is a common problem in the United States, but it is far more than the simple accumulation of clutter. The hoarder acquires a deep emotional attachment to objects, which drives them to collect and store belongings even when they are not useful or necessary. This can lead to anxiety and depression in the hoarder and can affect their relationships with others as well.

Hoarding, also known as compulsive hoarding, is a syndrome characterized by the excessive collection of items and the inability to discard them. This can lead to unsafe living conditions for the individual, including the risk for fire, biohazards, trip hazards, and mold growth.

If you notice a loved one living in a cluttered home, try to be patient and understanding when broaching the subject. The person may not be ready to deal with their situation, but if they open up to you about it, you can encourage them to call upon RCM Restoration Services’ hoarding cleanup services.

Hoarding-Cleanup-fayetteville-gaProfessional Hoarding Cleanup

RCM Restoration Services can help clients clear their homes of hoarding conditions. We have extensive experience handling complex cases involving removing lots of items and disinfecting affected areas.

Our team members are sensitive to the issues faced by hoarders during the cleaning process, so we make an effort to show compassion when working with these individuals. We involve the client in determining which items can be salvaged or must be discarded.

How to Approach a Hoarder

When working with a hoarder, it is important to approach the situation compassionately and nonjudgmentally. Some hoarders may feel too embarrassed to call for help, and others may not be aware that there is anything wrong with their situation in the first place. The hoarder’s immediate friends and family are the best people to approach them about the topic.

When you approach someone who is reluctant to clean their home, help them see the benefits of having a clean house. Once they are comfortable with the idea, you can help them take the next step.

Experienced Hoarding Cleaning

RCM Restoration Services offers professional hoarding cleaning services to help homeowners deal with their clutter and live more comfortably. Our goal is to help our clients regain control of their living space and improve their quality of life.

Our staff will work with the hoarder to create a comprehensive cleaning plan and we will not dispose of anything without permission. Our process is comprised of three steps:

  • Step 1: A strong relationship is established based on trust and respect.
  • Step 2: A cleaning plan is developed, putting the affected individual in charge of the final decision process as to what is thrown away and kept.
  • Step 3: The affected individual will receive a follow up phone call to check on their living situation. If necessary, a follow up cleaning appointment will be made.

Our hoarding cleaning services consist of all the following:

  • Removal of all unnecessary/unwanted items.
  • Saving of high-value items: heirlooms, jewelry, money
  • Assistance deciding what to keep, recycle, throw away, and donate
  • Delivery of certain items kept for friends and family
  • Assistance with legal paperwork
  • Deep cleaning of the home to restore healthy living conditions

Once you have determined that professional cleaning services for are necessary to resolve a hoarding problem, contact RCM Restoration Services immediately. Our trained technicians will treat your loved one with compassion and respect while providing them with the peace of mind that comes with knowing the job will be done right.

Contact Us

For complete hoarding clean-up services in the Fayetteville, GA area, contact RCM Restoration Services at (470) 458-3664.

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