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Mold Removal in Elmhurst, IL


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Because it contributes to negative indoor air quality and structural damage, mold poses a huge problem for all property owners. It usually grows in areas that contain high amounts of moisture or water damage, feeding on a food source known as cellulose. Once it develops, mold can contribute to severe property damage, also spreading its spores into the breathing air. Sensitive individuals are also likely to experience health problems if mold growth is not addressed right away.

RestorationMaster provides mold removal services in Elmhurst, IL and the surrounding areas. Our technicians use professional products, equipment, and methods to prevent the mold from spreading while removing it at the source. We will also call in a mold testing expert to provide mold testing to ensure that the fungus is completely removed and that the air quality is back to normal.

Our technicians guarantee that we will leave your property free of mold as it passes the mold clearance testing.


Mold Remediation

Mold is known to cause an array of issues for properties and people. The only requirements for it to grow include a moisture source and cellulose that is found within drywall, insulation, and carpeting. While it is most common in kitchens, attics, basements, crawlspaces, and bathrooms, it can grow anywhere in the presence of excess moisture.

Areas with mold growth will experience discoloration and surface damage, followed by structural damage if remediation does not take place right away. Mold colonies will also disperse their spores into the breathing air to develop in other areas of the home or building.

The other major issue mold causes are the negative health effects. Especially for children and the elderly, mold is very dangerous as those who experience health problems will become worse. Exposure to mold often causes the following symptoms:

  • Breathing issues
  • Asthma
  • Allergic reactions
  • Skin irritation
  • Headaches
  • Respiratory infections
  • Eyes, nose, and throat irritations
  • Cold-like symptoms
  • Hypersensitivity pneumonitis


Mold Removal

As soon as you call RestorationMaster for mold removal services, our technicians will inspect the level of damage, followed by developing a detailed remediation plan. If you are unsure of whether to file an insurance claim, our findings after the assessment can help. For those who decide to file a claim, we will bill your insurance carrier directly.

Each of our technicians are trained, experienced, and provide detailed mold removal services after passing a background check to provide complete peace of mind. Our mold removal services include each of the following:

  • Detailed Inspection: The extent of the mold growth is inspected as we identify the source of the moisture that promoted the mold growth. We will also work to remove the moisture source and form a plan for remediation.
  • Mold Containment: As the fungus always threatens to spread to other areas of the property, our mold removal professionals will contain the affected areas, preventing the spores from spreading.
  • Air Filtration: Removing the mold is important, but it’s also important to lower the concentration of spores in the air. Using HEPA filtration machines, our technicians will restore healthy conditions within your property.
  • Mold Remediation: Allowing RestorationMaster to conduct the mold removal process is critical as it’s very difficult to remove the source from the affected materials. The project also requires that mold be removed from all areas of the home, not just the areas in which it is visible. Our professionals use HEPA vacuums to remove mold spores and professional cleaning products to remove mold stains from building materials. The structure is also treated with EPA-registered antimicrobials to prevent future growth. We will then discard any materials that cannot be saved.
  • Drying: To prevent the mold from returning, we will ensure that all areas are free of moisture and help you to implement moisture management practices.
  • Mold Testing/Final Inspection: After the remediation project, the property is tested for mold by a third property.

If your claim is not covered by your insurance company, we will help reduce your out of pocket expenses with our price match guarantee. If you received another estimate from another IICRC-certified company, we can match or beat this price.

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Contact RestorationMaster at (630) 656-9915 for professional mold removal services in Elmhurst, IL.


Helpful Mold Mitigation Information

How do I get rid of mold growth in my house’s old underground basement?

Basements serve multiple functions, such as providing additional storage space or enhancing the value and size of your home by offering a secondary living area. Mold cleanup and prevention should be considered for all basements, regardless of their usage. Exposure to mold can potentially lead to illness, particularly among vulnerable populations, such as the elderly, young children, and individuals with respiratory issues or weakened immune systems. If mold is left untreated, it can release an unpleasant and musty smell, which may deter you from utilizing your basement.

Mold Removal and Money Saving Tips

There are methods available to address mold in your home if you decide to handle it independently. Please ensure that safety has been verified prior to proceeding. According to the EPA, if the mold is limited to an area of 10 square feet or less (approximately the size of a 3-feet-by-3-feet surface), individuals can safely remove it by cleaning hard surfaces with detergent and water, followed by thorough drying.

Toxic Mold in the Rental House: Landlord Responsibilities

Managing mold in a rental property can present challenges for both the tenants and the property owner. It is important to address this issue at the beginning of the landlord-tenant relationship as mold can have negative effects on both the landlord’s business and the tenant’s health. Assigning responsibility for mold in a rental property speeds up issue resolution. Ensuring a consistent speed is necessary for the removal of mold in a rental home.