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Hoarding Cleanup Services in Cary, IL

Nu-Gen Cleaning & Restoration

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While thousands of Americans are directly impacted by hoarding each year, millions are impacted by the effects as they are left with a buildup of items on the property. Due to recent research, hoarding is now considered a mental disorder in which the individual faces anxiety towards parting with their personal items. But as the hoard of belongings continue to grow over time, many safety risks develop within the home. This includes the risk of injuries, fire, mold growth, and other dangerous contaminants. However, Nu-Gen Cleaning & Restoration provides professional hoarding cleaning services in Cary, IL to effectively clean, sanitize, and restore the home to a safe and sanitary living condition once again. We will also work with the individual, treating them with respect and compassion throughout the entire process.

As the accumulation of hoarded items can quickly create dangerous conditions for the home and other living occupants, the affected individual is too embarrassed by the mess to reach out for help. They will need the help of a loved one to help them through the cleanup process before the situation becomes too dangerous for everyone living within the home. Nu-Gen Cleaning & Restoration understands that there is much sensitivity in regards to a hoarding disorder. This is why our technicians are committed to working with a sense of compassion and respect, putting the individual in charge at all times. In other words, they have the final say in what will be kept and discarded.

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While there are many house cleaning services, hoarding cleanup will require a different type of cleaning, one that involves a trained and licensed crew to work with the individual affected by hoarding. They must know to treat the individual with compassion and respect in order to conduct the service.

After reaching out to your loved one about your concern for their safety and they have accepted help, you can look for a professional. Be cautious when researching hoarding cleanup services. They must not only be trained and experienced, but also willing to work with your loved one and put them in charge of the cleaning process, otherwise nothing will get done.

Hoarding-Cleanup-Cary-ILHoarding Cleanup

Nu-Gen Cleaning & Restoration has licensed, trained, and experienced technicians that are fully equipped and ready to handle hoarding cases of all sizes. As we only use the best products and equipment, we will not only remove the unnecessary items but deep clean and disinfect the home. We will also remove any odors present from biohazards, animals, smoke, tobacco, and more. We work in compliance with EPA, OSHA, and Department of Transportation guidelines in order to provide a quality service and dispose of all materials properly.

Our hoarding services cover the following:

  • Disinfection: We will completely remove all unnecessary items from the property
  • Remove Odors: We will apply effective deodorizers to remove any foul smells lingering from the hoarded items.
  • Proper Disposal: After removing the items and odors, all items will be either thrown away, recycled or donated to a local charity. All biohazards will be securely transported to a medical waste facility.

As hoarding behaviors involve severe consequences, it is imperative to reach out to the affected individual as soon as possible. After talking to them, call a professional cleaning service, such as Nu-Gen Cleaning & Restoration. We are available 24/7 at (815)733-9123 for emergency hoarding cleanup services in Cary, IL 60102 and the surrounding communities.

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