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Air Duct Cleaning Services in Cary, IL

Nu-Gen Cleaning & Restoration

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As the air duct system in a home and building is extremely important for heating and cooling, it must be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. As air passes through the system, debris including dust and pollen can accumulate within the ductwork and component parts. As these will build up over time, they can decrease the efficiency of the system, create the risk for malfunctions, and contribute to lower indoor air quality. However, Nu-Gen Cleaning & Restoration provides professional air duct cleaning services for homes and businesses in Cary, IL to effectively remove the debris and dust from the ductwork. Our services will not only improve the air quality, but improve the efficiency of heating and cooling efficiency throughout the property.


Statistics have shown that in just 1 year, 40 pounds of dust can accumulate within the ductwork of your property. However, many home and business owners do not realize how much dust can build up within the system, hence they are left to face high heating and cooling bills. Nu-Gen Cleaning & Restoration highly recommends that the HVAC system is professionally cleaned every 2-5 years.

If you notice any of these signs, your home or building could use professional air duct cleaning services:

  • Large amount of dust and debris throughout the property
  • Odors seeping through the vents
  • Accumulation of dust on the supply and return air registers
  • Those who have severe allergies are constantly having problems

As our professional HVAC cleaning services will clean out all of the dirt and dust from the air ducts, we use advanced equipment that will reach into the deepest areas of the system; therefore, we leave nothing behind.

Our HVAC cleaning services include the following:

  • Open access and removing debris from the component parts and air ducts
  • Complete cleaning of flex ducts, fiberglass lined sheet metal air ducts, and fiberglass duct board with soft bristled brushes
  • Containing the debris and dust
  • Contact brushing and vacuuming
  • Vacuuming with High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuums and outside exhausting vacuums
  • Removing dust and debris from air vents
  • Closing of holes made for open access
  • Complete cleaning with advanced equipment by experienced and certified technicians.

As soon as you notice a high energy bill or any of signs mentioned above on your property, consider your HVAC system being professionally cleaned. Nu-Gen Cleaning & Restoration not only uses advanced equipment to remove the dust and debris, but we are licensed to provide these professional services. We are available at any time at (815)-733-9123 to schedule an HVAC cleaning appointment in Cary, IL.