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Carpet Cleaning in Algonquin, IL

Nu-Gen Cleaning & Restoration

(815) 569-0702

The carpeting is one of the most used furnishings in homes and buildings and has a major impact on the look and comfort of a space.  It also experiences consistent foot traffic that causes dirt and debris to buildup within the carpet fibers.  This dirt buildup can eventually affect the appearance of the carpeting and excessive buildup can even damage the carpet fibers.  Regular vacuuming will reduce the buildup of dirt and debris within your carpeting, but it can only be fully removed with professional carpet cleaning methods.

Nu-Gen Cleaning & Restoration provides professional carpet cleaning services for homes and businesses in Algonquin, IL.  We can fully remove dirt and stains from all types of carpeting and restore its original appearance using advanced cleaning equipment and methods.

Carpet-and-Upholstery-Cleaning-Services-algonquin-ilProfessional Carpet Cleaning

Whether in homes or commercial buildings, the carpeting experiences consistent foot traffic that leads to a steady buildup of dirt and debris.  This buildup will happen much faster for carpeting in high traffic areas.  The dirt and debris that accumulates in the carpet is pushed deeper by foot traffic where it is difficult to remove by vacuuming.  As more dirt accumulates, the carpeting will start to fade and look dirty, and the fibers can even become damaged.  Having your carpeting professionally cleaned will remove the dirt buildup and help extend its life.

Our technicians at Nu-Gen Cleaning & Restoration use the industry standard hot water extraction method to deep clean and restore carpets.  With this method, a specialized cleaning wand deposits a mild, hot water solution into the carpeting to loosen dirt and debris.  The solution is then immediately extracted back out, bringing the dirt and debris with it.  This cleaning method has been proven to effectively remove deeply embedded debris and it will restore the color and appearance of your carpeting without leaving chemicals or residue behind.

You can expect the following from our carpet cleaning services:

  • Full inspection of the carpet
  • Pre-treatment for spots and stains
  • Pre-spraying of the carpet
  • Hot water extraction cleaning
  • Deodorization if needed
  • Optional Scotchgard protection
  • Additional treatment for tough stains

The carpeting in your home or business is bound to become dirty and worn out over time, but you can keep it clean and looking its best with professional carpet cleaning from Nu-Gen Cleaning & Restoration.  Give us a call at (815) 569-0702 for more about our carpet cleaning services in Algonquin, IL.

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