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Death Cleanup for Oakland, CA

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Death Cleanup for Oakland CAComing across the scene of someone’s death is traumatic, but it can be even worse if the body involved has been left unattended for a few days. In the case that a violent crime has occurred, the death scene can be gruesome and hazardous. In such situations, it is essential that you call 911. Afterwards, call Aftermath Services for our professional death cleanup services in the Oakland, CA area. With our services, our technicians will clean, disinfect, and restore the site in a safe manner. Furthermore, we will work in a manner that doesn’t compromise the criminal investigation.

In the event there is an unattended death, meaning the deceased was left alone and undiscovered for days, the body decomposes fast. Because of this, the death scene can look horrendous and be very dangerous to anyone who encounters the scene. Aftermath Services has the necessary cleaning products and equipment to take care of that and the following cleanup services:

  • Bio cleaning
  • Biohazard cleanup
  • Blood cleanup
  • Crime scene cleanup
  • Homicide cleanup
  • Suicide cleanup
  • Trauma scene cleanup

If the death was the result of a crime, the scene needs to be handled with more caution. Even minor things can be important evidence. We, at Aftermath Services, know this, and will cooperate with the law enforcement officials working at the site. We will not compromise the crime scene, nor will we contaminate evidence. Furthermore, our professionals will come to the scene in an unmarked vehicle. Upon arrival, we conduct a full assessment. This allows us to create a thorough plan of action and communicate with clients.

The following are included in our death cleanup services:

  • Using personal protective equipment
  • Removing contaminated flooring, furnishings, and wall coverings
  • Removing stains from the scene
  • Using commercial grade cleaners to prevent biohazards from causing infection
  • Using commercial grade deodorizers to remove odors
  • Safely disposing of biohazards by transporting them to a licensed facility
  • Helping with insurance claims

At Aftermath Services, we can assist in starting the healing process by getting rid of the evidence of the death scene and restoring the site. We can also help affected family and friends who are grieving by connecting them with professional counselors.

To reach Aftermath Services for our death cleanup services in the Oakland, CA, area, give us a call at (888) 696-7999.

Review by Patricia B., Edison, NJ

Aftermath Cleanup
Rating 5 5 Star Rating

"Thank you for making our lives easier at a very difficult time. You were compassionate and professional. We appreciate your hard work."

Review by Nicole H., Punxsutawney, PA

Aftermath Services
Rating 5 5 Star Rating

"Following an unbelievable tragedy, I was met by a compassionate on site supervisor, who proceeded to assume responsibility for which I was unprepared and unable emotionally to handle. Was notified about every step of process being taken, and all was done in a professional manner. Matt still keeps in touch concerning the repairs and our emotional state. Through this horrible tragedy, I felt comforted by his professional manner and felt that I had also made a friend. I would highly recommend Aftermath."