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Aftermath Services in Oakland, CA

(888) 846-1791

When you come across a scene where a person has been badly injured or killed, it’s easy — and normal — to feel overwhelmed by the situation. This is especially the case if your own property is involved. If you know what to do in the event of such a scenario, then you can deal with the situation safely and efficiently.

When your property is the scene of a crime or accident, it’s your responsibility to conduct cleanup because law enforcement officials and EMTs are not trained to do this type of cleanup. However, this doesn’t mean you have to clean up the scene yourself. Rather, cleanup for such situations is best done by licensed professionals, as it ensures safety and efficiency.

Since 1996, Aftermath Services has been an industry leader in biohazard and crime cleanup. We are experts in specialty cleaning services including biohazard cleaning, blood cleaning, and crime scene cleaning among others and we provide these services to the Oakland, CA, area. Our technicians are experts who have considerable training and proper certification. We will remove blood, bodily fluids, tissue, and other biohazards from the scene to prevent diseases and infections. Furthermore, we acknowledge the emotional hardships that these situations can involve and will always be caring and compassionate with our services. We do what we can to protect our clients’ emotions and privacy.

All of our technicians are trained and certified as required to provide cleaning and restoration services whether it be for biohazard materials, crime scenes, and/or trauma scenes. We also work in compliance with all regulations on the local, state, and federal level. To conduct cleaning, we use hospital-strength sanitizers and powerful cleansers to eliminate toxins, bacteria, and other biohazard remains. All biohazards are placed in approved containers, removed from the scene, and transported to an authorized facility for legal disposal. Such materials should never be thrown away with normal trash because of their potential to spread diseases. Knowing this, it’s in everyone’s best interest that you call Aftermath Services experts so that those materials can be handled properly.

Aftermath Services can be reached for biohazard or crime scene cleanup services in the Oakland, CA, area on a 24/7 basis by calling (888) 846-1791.

The following is a complete list of the aftermath services we provide:

Crime Scene Cleanup for Oakland CACrime Scene Cleanup – Oakland, CA

Discovering that a violent crime has occurred on your property can be frightening, but it helps to know what actions to take in the event of a situation. The first thing you need to do is to call 911, leaving the crime scene unaltered. Afterwards, call Aftermath Services for our expert crime scene cleanup services in Oakland, CA. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced with cleaning and restoring crime scenes and we will make sure the scene is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Furthermore, we will conduct our work in a way that ensures we do not damage evidence and or compromise the investigation.

Biohazard Cleanup for Oakland CABiohazard Cleanup – Oakland, CA

Because of the bacteria and toxins they contain and diseases they can cause, biohazardous materials are especially dangerous. Some examples of biohazard materials include organic materials like blood, bodily fluids, mold, sewage, and tissues. These materials need to be handled carefully so that further contamination doesn’t occur, which is exactly how our experts at Aftermath Services go about biohazard cleanup. Our technicians have all undergone necessary training to conduct safe removal and transportation of biohazard materials in Oakland, CA.

Death Cleanup for Oakland CADeath Cleanup – Oakland, CA

Even though death is a certain thing in life, dealing with it can still be overwhelming. If the death scene contains biohazard materials like blood, bodily fluids, and tissues, then the scene is also very dangerous. These materials must be cleaned properly to limit their ability to spread diseases and cause infections. At Aftermath Services, every one of our technicians has been properly trained to conduct such cleanup and restore death scenes in Oakland, CA. We are known worldwide for our thorough services and treat every case with discretion and compassion.

Homicide Cleanup for Oakland CAHomicide Cleanup – Oakland, CA

Dealing with murders is an inevitably emotional situation for family and friends of those involved. Having to deal with the aftermath of cleaning up the scene is often too much for them to handle. It’s also dangerous to come into contact with biohazard materials, such as blood and tissue, but it’s easy to accidentally compromise a criminal investigation. Knowing this, it’s best to have the professionals at Aftermath Services take care of the cleanup. We know how to coexist with law enforcement, cleaning homicide scenes without ruining evidence. In addition, we make sure to treat the scene and people involved with courtesy and respect.

Blood Cleanup for Oakland CABlood Cleanup – Oakland, CA

Blood is the most prevalent fluid in human bodies, and it is also potentially dangerous. Blood has the ability to spread diseases and infections if it is handled incorrectly. Aftermath Services can remove blood in Oakland, CA by using commercial cleansers that are unavailable to the general public. By using exclusive products, we are able to clean and sanitize materials in a safe and effective manner.

Bio Recovery Services for Oakland CABio Recovery Services – Oakland, CA

Whether it be blood, tissue, sewage, mold, or something else, biohazard materials are not easy to clean. Furthermore, they are very dangerous to people who don’t have the necessary training to clean them up. These materials spread disease and infection easily, so it is important to have the professionals at Aftermath Services take care of such cleanup. We know how to get rid of all biohazard materials in a safe and effective manner. We will also have them transported to licensed facilities in approved containers where they can be disposed of legally.

Hoarding Cleaning Oakland CAHoarding Cleanup Services – Oakland, CA

Aftermath is the trusted biohazard remediation company that offers hoarding cleanup services in Oakland, CA and surrounding areas. Our team of experts has years of experience providing cleaning, deodorization and disinfection to businesses and individuals wanting to rid themselves of the clutter and mess that hoarding can create in their homes or offices.

Odor RemovalOdor Removal Services – Oakland, CA

Aftermath offers odor removal services in the Oakland, CA area. We use professional-grade chemicals and tools to eliminate unwanted odors, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean. Our team can remove pet urine smells, mildew odors and many other types of unpleasant scents.

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Recent Reviews

Review by Patricia B., Edison, NJ
Aftermath Cleanup

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Thank you for making our lives easier at a very difficult time. You were compassionate and professional. We appreciate your hard work."

Review by Nicole H., Punxsutawney, PA
Aftermath Cleanup

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Following an unbelievable tragedy, I was met by a compassionate on site supervisor, who proceeded to assume responsibility for which I was unprepared and unable emotionally to handle. Was notified about every step of process being taken, and all was done in a professional manner. Matt still keeps in touch concerning the repairs and our emotional state. Through this horrible tragedy, I felt comforted by his professional manner and felt that I had also made a friend. I would highly recommend Aftermath."

Review by Karen V., PA
Aftermath Cleanup

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

“I was so comforted by this team.... Jennifer was so soft spoken & Kind & compassionate. Kris & Justin & Jennifer were all more than what we could have prayed for in this situation. Thank you.”

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