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Hoarding Cleanup in Stallings, NC 28104

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To those affected by hoarding, too many things within a home may never look cluttered. But for us, we see it as a dangerous situation that must be addressed right away. Due to the fact that too many items within a home can be hazardous for everyone living on the property, it is imperative to reach out to this individual as soon as possible for their own health and safety.

After you have spoken with this person about their living situation, don’t hesitate to contact RestorationMaster for professional hoarding cleanup services in the Stallings, NC area. Our technicians are each trained and experienced to work with compassion and respect for the individual. They can also remove any biohazards, odors, and other harmful substances from the property.

Dangers of Hoarding

Due to the inability of letting go of personal items, a hoarder will allow numerous items of insignificant value to accumulate within their home. These belongings may consist of newspapers, magazines, books, collectibles, records, broken knick-knacks, trash, and even animals. As this hoard of items continues to grow within the home, dangerous hazards will develop, such as mold growth, slip-and-trip, and fire hazards.

But many individuals affected by hoarding do not realize the reality of their situation or they are too embarrassed by the mess. So they will often need a family member or friend to reach out to them first, discuss their situation, and contact a professional cleaning service.

When reaching out to RestorationMaster, we understand the stress involved, which is why we place them in charge of the process. They will be the one to decide which items stay and leave their home. Afterwards, the entire property will be decontaminated of all mold, biohazards, and harmful bacteria to restore a safe and clean environment.

Our hoarding cleanup services include all of the following:

  • Establishing a Trustworthy Relationship: After years of working with individuals affected by hoarding, our technicians know that it is best to establish a relationship before inspecting the house. This helps the cleaning process to run smoother and more efficiently as they will be more apt to understand that we are all trying to help.
  • Organization and Removal of Items: After a trustworthy relationship has been established, RestorationMaster will proceed to put the affected individual in charge of the organization process. The items will be separated into groups to be either kept, donated, or thrown away. Our professionals will provide recommendations and work with the individual throughout the entire process.
  • Decontamination and Sanitation: After all the items have been sorted, our technicians will begin the disinfecting the property, removing biohazards, mold, and odors. Using commercial cleaning products and equipment, the home will be restored to safe and sanitary living area again.
  • Checkup Appointments: After the cleanup and final inspection, our technicians will schedule checkup appointments to ensure that the individual is living safely. If needed, additional cleaning appointments can be scheduled.

Professional Hoarding Cleaning

While it may not be pleasant to look at a hoarder’s home, the individual themselves is battling a far greater stress. Struggling from an overwhelming anxiety to part with their items can result in dangerous consequences. They will often need the help of a family member or friend to speak to them about their situation. As soon as they are comfortable to contact a professional cleaning service, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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RestorationMaster is available at (701) 603-6223 in the Stallings, NC area to provide professional hoarding cleanup services.