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Mold Removal in Stallings, NC

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Even though mold growth in a home or building is a common issue, it can still cause anxiety amongst home and business owners.  Mold is a complicated problem to resolve, and it could lead to very serious damage as well as negative health effects among those who are exposed.  It often starts in moist areas or areas affected by water damage because it needs moisture to survive, and it will spread further throughout the home or building until it is removed.

The longer the mold is allowed to grow and spread, the more likely you will be faced with serious structural damage and health issues.  Exposure to the mold spores can cause a range of allergic reactions, and the health effects only become worse with longer exposure.  At First Restoration America, we provide mold remediation services for homes and businesses in Stallings, NC to locate and remove mold growth.  We use advanced mold remediation techniques to ensure that all mold growth is removed, and will either restore or remove the affected materials.

For professional mold removal in the Stallings, NC area, contact First Restoration America at (980) 888-8456.

Problems from Mold Growth

There is always a natural concentration of mold spores in the air, which means that mold colonies can form in your home at virtually any time.  If there has been a sudden increase in moisture on your property, then you may be more likely to experience mold growth. Mold can only form if it has a source of moisture, and it feeds on organic materials like cellulose that are contained in wood and drywall surfaces.  This is why mold can be so destructive to the affected surfaces and eventually cause permanent damage that can threaten the structural integrity of your home in Stallings, NC.

The physical property damage is not the only problem with mold; it can also contribute to poor indoor air quality and a range of health problems.  Mold often gives off a musty odor in areas that are heavily affected and the dispersal of its spores increases the risk of related health effects as it spreads the growth to new areas.  Those exposed to the mold spores often experience allergic reactions such as nasal congestion, coughing, skin irritation, and itchy eyes or throat, and it is possible to develop more serious infections over a longer period of exposure.  Addressing mold issues as soon as you notice them will help prevent serious health effects and major damage.

When Do I Need Mold Inspection?

black mold removal stallings nc

Here are some possible situations that suggests you have mold in the house.

  • An unpleasant damp smell
  • Visible mold
  • Water stains on the floor, wall or ceiling
  • Wet and damp building materials
  • Seepage and flood in the basement
  • A musty smell in your attic and garage.
  • There has been history of mold growth inside the property due to humidity and lack of ventilation.
  • Someone in the house is constantly sick with headache and asthma.

Professional Mold Removal in Stallings, NC

At First Restoration America, we are trained and certified to provide effective mold removal services for homes and businesses.  Here’s a step-by step process we follow:

  1. Inspection and Testing: We begin by inspecting the affected areas to determine the extent of mold growth, the type of mold present, and the underlying causes such as moisture intrusion or water damage.
  2. Containment: We use physical barriers like plastic sheeting and negative air pressure machines to isolate the contaminated area.
  3. Moisture Control: We locate and identify the source of moisture which could be leaks, humidity, or poor ventilation.
  4. Air filtration: We use High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration devices to capture airborne mold spores and other contaminants during the remediation process, improving indoor air quality.
  5. Remove and Replace Contaminated Materials: During the process, we remove porous materials like drywall, carpeting, and insulation that are extensively contaminated with mold and replace it with new.
  6. Cleaning and Disinfection: For non-porous materials, we use antimicrobial solutions and inhibit it’s return.
  7. Drying and Dehumidification: After cleaning, we thoroughly dry the affected area to prevent moisture buildup and discourage any new mold growth.
  8. Documentation: We document the entire thoroughly, including before and after photos, remediation plans, and clearance testing results. This is required for insurance.

Mold Testing

Our mold removal experts use advanced equipment like an air pump and sampling cassette to test the air in your home. We then send the samples to a top lab for analysis. If we notice any mold or if you point it out, we can also take swabs and send them for additional testing.

Get a Free Estimate For Mold Remediation in Stallings, NC

mold remediation services stallings nc

Don’t let your home situation affect your health. To keep you and your property safe from any kind of mold and mildew exposure, First Restoration America is available 24/7. When you call us and explain your concerns, we’ll provide you with a free estimate. This way, you can make informed decisions without any hassle.

Schedule a call today for mold remediation in Stallings, NC at (980) 888-8456.

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Common Questions About Mold Cleanup

Q.  Who pays for mold remediation?

Generally, insurance companies approve mold removal if it’s caused by a covered peril, such as water damage. In other scenarios, you have to pay for the service.

Q. How long does mold removal take?

Most mold cleanup projects usually take two to three days. In complex situations, it can even go up to 7 days.

Q. Does dry cleaning remove mold?

Dry cleaners may use borax, a white powder, to remove mold from clothes. However, we advise against DIY methods.

Q. Can mold cause brain damage?

Yes, it is true. Mold can cause neurological problems that can lead to brain damage if not resolved.

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Kevin Norton

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"First restoration was great. I had a leak from an upstairs washer. Keith answered my call right away. Employees arrived a few hours after my call and set up the fans and dehumidifier. First restoration was great and would strongly recommend them in the future."

Judy Hudson

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

“Fortified with a sense of humor, First Restoration was able to come into my home during some really tough times. They not only helped me when I needed them most following Hurricane Matthew but were also reliable and honest about their work- completed in timely manner too! Plus they have this great attitude that makes you want them on every project from hereon out... I would highly recommend using these guys if anyone wants an excellent restoration service done right”

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