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Contents Restoration and Pack-Out Company in Stallings, NC 28104

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There are several different types of natural disasters that can cause serious property damage, including: flooding, thunderstorms, fires, and mold growth.  But what these disasters all have in common is that they each cause pervasive damage that will affect the building materials and structural elements of your home, your furnishings, and your personal belongings.  Any significant damage to your personal belongings can be aggravating and overwhelming, and some of your items such as clothing and electronics are vulnerable to permanent damage.

RestorationMaster understands the importance of saving your personal items which is why we include content cleaning and pack-out services with our disaster restoration services in Stallings, NC.  We are equipped to complete the restoration of your damaged items on your property, and if your home needs extensive restoration or repairs, we can provide pack-out services and restore your content at our facility.

Content Cleaning and Restoration

Everyone has a wide range of personal items in their homes that can include anything from clothing, jewelry, and important documents to decorative items, electronics, toys, and more.  With numerous items throughout the home, it is nearly impossible to protect them from damage if a natural disaster occurs.  If a disaster has caused significant damage in your home, you must search your home for damaged personal items, setting them aside so they are cleaned and restored quickly.  RestorationMaster will ensure that your damaged items are cleaned, deodorized, and restored to their original condition using advanced cleaning products and techniques.

We have the means to completely restore your damaged items in your home and we are also prepared to provide pack-out services if we must conduct the cleaning and restoration at our facility.

Pack-Out Services

There will be some instances in which the home is so heavily damaged, that it is either unsafe or impossible to do the restoration on-site.  In these cases, we provide complete pack-out services to carefully pack up and transport your damaged content to our facility, where it will be cleaned and temporarily stored.

Our pack-out services consist of the following:


  • Creation of a detailed electronic inventory list as we pack up each item.
  • A copy of the inventory is given to you and your insurance provider.
  • Transportation of your content to our facility for thorough cleaning, deodorization, and restoration.
  • Storage of your items in our secured, climate controlled facility while your home is being restored.
  • Delivery of your content when you are ready to take them back.

Pretty much any natural disaster will cause damage to your personal belongings no matter how hard you try to contain the damage.  When this occurs, you must make sure that your damaged items are cleaned and restored as soon as possible or the damage can become permanent.

Available 24/7

Our technicians at RestorationMaster provide effective content cleaning and restoration services following any type of disaster in Stallings, NC.  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (704) 603-6223.