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Hoarding Cleaning Services for Palatine, IL

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We have gained a deeper understanding of hoarding in recent years which has resulted in better help as well as more effective cleaning services for those that struggle with hoarding issues.  Hoarding is a mental disorder that is also a form of anxiety, and it often manifests as the extreme collection of all types of objects which will eventually contribute to dangerous and unsanitary living conditions in the home.  RestorationMaster provides hoarding cleaning services in Palatine, IL to help those that struggle with hoarding clean out their homes and restore safe and sanitary living conditions.  Our technicians will completely remove all unwanted items and clutter and we take an honest and respectful approach to earn the trust of the affected individual before beginning the cleaning.

Hoarding Cleaning Services in Palatine, ILThose that hoard may collect any type of item from newspapers and food containers to animals in the most extreme cases, and this behavior is also accompanied by an inability to dispose of anything which results in a growing hoard of collected items.  Over time, the hoard will grow and create dangerous and unsanitary living conditions in the home by blocking off certain areas, raising the risk of a fire, and harboring bacteria and other harmful substances that can threaten the health of those in the home.  The homes of hoarders must be cleaned out before the collected items can create such dangerous living conditions but those that are affected by hoarding are often embarrassed by the condition of their homes and will not get help themselves.  It normally takes a trusted friend or family member to intervene and help the individual begin the cleaning process.

Our technicians are trained and experienced to thoroughly clean and restore homes that have been affected by hoarding and we take a respectful approach to earn the trust of the individual.  All unwanted items will be completely removed and we will help save valuable items as well as clean and rearrange the home after removing the unwanted items.  You can expect the following from our hoarding cleaning services:

  • Saving money, jewelry, and other valuable items
  • Disposing of unwanted items and clutter
  • Help deciding which objects should be kept, thrown away, recycled, or donated
  • Giving kept items to friends or family members
  • Help with paperwork from trusts, attorneys, and government agencies

Hoarding Cleaning Services from RestorationMaster

Hoarding Cleaning Services

One of the most important elements of hoarding cleaning services is establishing a personal connection with the affected individual based on mutual trust and respect.  RestorationMaster Restore has recently collaborated with Hoarders host Matt Paxton to create a new approach to hoarding cleaning that emphasizes the importance of building a relationship with the affected individual and involving them in the cleaning process.

RestorationMaster offers this new approach to those who struggle with hoarding in Palatine, IL and it consists of the following 3 phases:

Phase 1: Establishing a Personal Connection

  • We try to evaluate the scope of the hoarding problem before entering the home.
  • We build a personal relationship with the individual and establish mutual feelings of trust and respect.
  • With help from the individual and their family, we create a cleaning plan and we can also refer the individual to a counseling professional if further help is needed in this stage.

Phase 2: Implementing a Cleaning Plan

  • We will finalize the cleaning plan and begin implementing it.
  • We will remove unwanted items as well as clean, restore, and reorganize the items that are kept.
  • We will assist with deciding which objects should be kept, thrown away, donated, or recycled while leaving the final decision with the individual.

Phase 3: Follow Up

  • We help create a cleaning plan for the individual to maintain their home after the cleaning is done.
  • We follow up with the individual to see if they are following the cleaning plan and we will return to the home if further assistance is needed.
  • We make sure the affected individual has control throughout the process.

Hoarding can very quickly lead to dangerous and unsanitary living conditions so if you know someone who struggles with hoarding, it is important to help them realize the urgency to get their home cleaned and restored.  RestorationMaster can help those in Palatine, IL that struggle with hoarding clean out their homes with our hoarding cleaning services.  You can call us 24 hours a day at (847) 558-6604 to learn more about our hoarding cleaning services.