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Mold Remediation / Mold Removal for Yorkville, IL

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Mold growth occurs in spaces that are warm, dark and humid. If your property has been affected by water damage, the moisture-ridden air can cause mold growth and before long, you will find a lot of mold growing in various areas of your property. No matter how clean your home is, there are always mold spores present in the air. The best way to prevent mold growth is to control the moisture level.

The cellulose that is present in materials such as drywall and wood is what the mold uses as a food source. As the mold growth consumes the cellulose in these elements, it also impacts the structural integrity of this material. If you don’t address this issue on time, that will lead to discoloration and damage in these features.

What makes this issue worse is that mold spreads very fast and it doesn’t take long for the fungus to appear in various areas of your home or building. Aside from this, mold can also impact the health of people living or working on your property by causing respiratory problems and allergies.

Mold Removal Services in Yorkville, IL

We at RestorationMaster recognize that while the mold growth has to be removed, we also need to ensure there is no recurrence of this issue. The advanced and latest techniques and equipment we use ensure that that our mold remediation methods are effective and permanent. We follow this work process when handling any mold removal work:

  • The property will be inspected and evaluated and our technicians will identify where the mold is growing.
  • The detailed assessment report we compile will be submitted to your insurance providers.
  • All the infected spaces will be isolated and this helps protect other areas from the mold growth.
  • We will create an effective remediation plan.
  • Effective and advanced cleaning solutions will be used to remove all the mold from your home or building.

If you have noticed any mold growth on your property in Yorkville, IL, call RestorationMaster without delay. We will provide prompt and effective services and ensure your property is free of mold growth within the shortest time. For more information about our mold remediation services in Yorkville, IL, contact us at (630) 576-0336.