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Emergency Board Up Services for Yorkville, IL

(630) 352-0753

Any type of damage that is caused to a home or building as a result of a natural disaster requires immediate attention, especially if the structural integrity of the home or building is in jeopardy.  Major storms, fires, and other serious disasters can cause extensive structural damage and these disasters may also break windows or rip holes in the roof and siding.  You must react immediately to this type of damage because any openings leave the building open to further issues and a weakened structure will eventually collapse on itself.  ServiceMaster of Kendall County provides emergency board up services in Yorkville, IL to stabilize severe structural damage and cover up holes in the roof and siding.  These services will keep your home or building stable and secured long enough to have it restored or rebuilt.

Emergency Board Up Services for Yorkville, ILIt is already hard enough to deal with significant property damage, but severe structural and exterior damage adds a sense of urgency because if your home or building is left open and unstable, the damage could get worse.  Holes and large openings allow in rain, wind, vandals, and animals that could cause further damage and an unstable structural core could collapse if it is not quickly stabilized.  Our technicians at ServiceMaster of Kendall County are highly trained to effectively board up heavily damaged buildings and stabilize severe structural damage with our board up services.  We will not only ensure that the home or building is structurally stable, but also board up or tarp holes in the roof or siding to keep it secure.

Our emergency board up services consist of these steps:

  • Coverage of holes and openings with boards or tarp
  • Roof tarping
  • Barricades if necessary
  • Temporary enclosures for security

If your home or building in Yorkville, IL has experienced extensive structural damage, make sure you call ServiceMaster of Kendall County immediately for emergency board up services.  Our technicians will respond right away to stabilize the damage and board up the building so that it will be secured until you can have it fully repaired.  You can call us anytime 24 hours a day at (630) 325-0753 for board up services in Yorkville, IL.