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Duct Cleaning Services – Hinsdale, IL 60521

(630) 576-0336

The air duct system is responsible for the heating and cooling in your home and it must be cleaned out on a regular basis to maximize its efficiency and contribute to healthy breathing air.  Over time, dirt, dust, and other debris accumulate within the air ducts only to contaminate the components and reenter the breathing air.  RestorationMaster offers professional air duct cleaning to homes and businesses in Hinsdale, IL.

The average home accumulates about 40 pounds of dust per year which can end up within the air duct system.  This buildup causes the system to work less efficiently resulting in higher energy bills and contaminates the breathing air of the home.  Our technicians are trained to thoroughly clean out your air ducts to improve the efficiency of the system as well as the air quality.

The air duct cleaning process includes:

  • Cleaning and inspection of the entire air duct system.
  • Soft bristled brush cleaning on fiberglass duct board, flex ducts, and sheet metal ducts lined internally with fiberglass.
  • Cleaning one opening at a time to contain the dust and debris.
  • Removal of dust and debris with brushing and contact vacuuming.
  • Vacuuming with a unit that exhausts outside or a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuum that exhausts inside.
  • Cleaning of all registers and vents.
  • Resealing and reinsulating of the access holes made in the return area.

Professional air duct cleaning services are beneficial for your home because they help improve the energy efficiency of the system as well as the air quality in your home.  Call RestorationMaster of Aurora any time at (630) 576-0336 for air duct cleaning services in Hinsdale, IL area – free estimate and coupons available.