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Water Damage Restoration for Coral Gables, FL


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It is difficult for homes and commercial buildings to completely avoid water damage because there are so many different ways that it can occur.  Wet weather conditions like rain, humidity and flooding can lead to indoor water damage, and non-weather-related issues like plumbing and appliance leaks, pipe bursts, and overflows can lead to damage as well.  Any amount of water damage must be addressed right away before the water has time to spread through porous materials and increase the risk of structural damage and mold growth.

At RestorationMaster, we provide complete water damage restoration services to remove excess water and repair the resulting damage for homes and businesses in Coral Gables, FL.  Our technicians can effectively extract water and moisture with advanced equipment, and we will also clean and restore the damaged areas.

Trusted Water Damage Restoration

Excess water, whether from a leak or standing flood water, can lead to significant property damage in homes and commercial buildings.  Common building materials like drywall, wood, insulation, flooring, and various furnishings are porous and will absorb the flood water or excess moisture.  Materials that absorb water can become stained or discolored, and they will eventually become warped and weakened by the water which will threaten their structural integrity.  The affected areas and materials are also at risk of mold growth as the high moisture level creates ideal conditions for mold.

Our professionals have the training and equipment to fully restore homes and commercial buildings affected by any level of water damage.  We use the best water extraction and drying equipment available to remove standing water and extract the leftover moisture from the affected materials.  Once the water is removed, we will clean, sanitize, and restore the affected areas and ensure that there is no mold growth.

Our water damage restoration services include the following:

  • Extraction of water and moisture
  • Structural dehumidification and drying
  • Floor drying
  • Stain and odor removal
  • Mold and sewage cleanup if necessary

You can expect the following steps with our water damage restoration services:

  • Initial assessment: We will assess the full extent of the damage and locate the source of the excess water.
  • Water Mitigation: We will immediately stop the spread of the water to avoid further damage.
  • Dehumidification: We will extract the water and strategically place dehumidifiers around your property to remove the excess moisture.
  • Evaporation: We will encourage evaporation with our air movers.
  • Monitoring: We will monitor the drying process with atmospheric and moisture content readings.

Reacting to water damage as quickly as possible will help you protect your property from serious structural damage and mold growth.  Make sure you contact our professionals right away to remove the water with our advanced equipment and repair and restore the damaged areas.  RestorationMaster is available 24 hours a day at (305) 707-6135 to provide water damage restoration in Coral Gables, FL.


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