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Flood Cleanup And Water Damage Restoration in Conroe, TX

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Water damage is a common occurrence in many different parts of the world. Water is commonly found in the environment, plumbing systems, and pipes. Because water so common, water damage is common as well. Pipes burst, rivers flood, and appliances malfunction and when this happens ServiceMaster Restoration by Century is here to help. We offer services like water damage restoration, water damage cleanup, and flood damage cleanup. If you live in the Conroe, TX area and are experiencing any of these problems, contact us immediately.

Flood Cleanup And Water Damage Restoration – Conroe, TX 77382The staff of ServiceMaster Restoration by Century provides water damage cleanup and restoration and flood damage cleanup in both commercial and residential settings in Conroe, TX. In order to limit flood damage, we use water extraction services and our state-of-the-art dehumidification equipment. During the drying process, we make certain that we remove all moisture so that all damage can be restored with our cleaning products.

ServiceMaster Restoration by Century water damage restoration services include the following:

● 24-hour Emergency Service
● Emergency Water Removal
● Anti-Microbial Application and Sanitization
● Debris Removal
● Water Monitoring and Assessment
● Air Quality Control
● Free Inspections and Consultation
● Assistance Coordinating Insurance Claims
● Restoration and Temporary Storage of Water Damaged Belongings
● Full Carpet Cleaning
● Mold Remediation

Flood and Water Damage Cleanup Tips

Because water damage can spread so quickly and lead to mold growth, it is essential for you to call ServiceMaster Restoration by Century immediately in order to be effective in water restoration to restore your home. After speaking with our service team, you can take these steps in order to limit the water damage done to your home.

What to Do after a Flood:

  • Immediately contact ServiceMaster Restoration by Century for water damage cleanup.
  • Mop affected areas to remove extra water.
  • Remove non-permanent floor coverings such as area rugs mats, or towels. Any permanent flooring and carpeting should be removed by professionals.
  • Use hanger to keep drapes and curtains off the floor.
  • Wipe excess water from wet furniture and put aluminum foil under the legs to protect the flooring.
  • Put photos, paintings, and other precious items in a safe location.
  • Keep books packed tightly together on their shelves to avoid further damage until they can be treated with specialized drying services.
  • Open all internal doors as well as cabinet doors and drawers to help the drying.

What Not to Do after a Flood:

● Do not walk into a room with water until the power is shut off.
● Do not try to remove excess water with a household vacuum cleaner.
● Do not try to remove permanent carpeting or flooring.
● Do not use any electronics while standing on flooded floor.
● Do not try to remove mold or mildew.

Water damage can spread rapidly through all areas of your home, however, if you call ServiceMaster Restoration by Century immediately then our team will limit the spread of the water and reduce the risk of mold growing in your home through our water damage cleanup services!

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If you find yourself in a situation where flooding is causing damage to your home or office in Conroe, TX area, call ServiceMaster Restoration by Century right away for water and flood damage cleanup. We are available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year at (713) 966-6064.

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