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Sewage Cleaning Services for Bristol and Croydon, PA

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Water damage, on its own, is a huge concern for any residential or commercial property. The excess water and moisture are absorbed by porous building materials and furnishings and are able to spread to new areas that way. This can result in severe structural problems and even mold growth. However, the water damage issue becomes even more concerning — and dangerous — if sewage is involved. The sewage contains waste materials, meaning the water can cause more damage faster. It also presents potential problems for your health. That said, if there is a sewage backup in your home or business, you need to stay away from the water and not come into contact with it. Reach out to a licensed professional right away to get the cleaning process started.

With our sewage cleaning services in Bristol and Croydon, PA, RestorationMaster can clean and restore homes and businesses that have been damaged by sewage and water. Our professionals have the necessary licensing and equipment to conduct sewage cleaning in a safe, effective manner. We will address the sewage, the water, and the damage those two elements have caused your property. All sewage water will be removed, and all of the affected areas will be cleaned and restored to eliminate the potential for health concerns.

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Dangers of Sewage Backups

If you believe the excess water in your home contains sewage, then keep your distance from it. Sewage can make its way into your property by way of a sewage backup, which can come via the drains, or by way of flooding where water from the outside has mixed with sewage. It’s important to avoid contact with sewage-contaminated water because of the following problems it presents:

  • Water Damage: Just like clean water, sewage water will be absorbed by porous building materials and furnishings. However, unlike clean water, the dirt and waste materials from the sewage will worsen the damage. These contaminants also increase the potential for permanent damage and there’s a chance for mold growth. Our professionals can address this problem by removing the sewage water, restoring the damage, and cleaning the affected areas.
  • Health Risks: The negative effect sewage can have on your health is its biggest threat. Sewage water contains bacteria, viruses, and other harmful materials that can easily spread disease and infection. Because of this, it’s important to avoid the water.

Complete Sewage Backup Cleaning in Bristol and Croydon, PA

Our technicians at RestorationMaster will arrive at your home or business with the cleaning products and equipment necessary for sewage water removal, cleaning, and disinfection. We use the same drying and dehumidification process for sewage cleaning as we do with traditional water damage restoration, but we will also guarantee that all sewage and hazardous materials are thoroughly removed. By effectively disinfecting the affected area, we lessen the chance of disease and infection and restore your property to a safe, healthy environment. However, you need to act quickly, because the damage and potential for health concerns will remain — and even worsen — as long as the sewage water is present.

Call us For Sewage Backup Cleanup in Bristol and Croydon, PA

We will clean and restore your property through our professional sewage backup cleaning services. We arrive at your building in a prompt manner to remove the sewage and water, restore the damage, and clean the affected areas.

Immediately contact RestorationMaster at (267) 961-7065 if your home or business in Bristol and Croydon, PA, has been damaged by sewage water.

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