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Emergency Board Up Services for Aurora, IL

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Not all natural disasters are the same as some may cause minor damage to your property and others may leave your home or building dangerously unstable and open to further damage.  There are several disasters capable of causing devastating structural damage including storms, fires, accidents, and even floods.  It is important to have a heavily damaged home or building stabilized as soon as possible to cover up openings and provide support for the structure before it collapses.  RestorationMaster provides emergency board up services in Aurora, IL to board up and stabilize homes and buildings that have sustained severe structural damage.  Our board up services will secure your building to prevent further damage until it can be effectively rebuilt.

Deep structural damage to any building is an emergency because the building may experience further damage to the point of collapse the longer it is left unstable.  Certain disasters like fires and severe storms can also damage siding and break windows, leaving holes in the building that invite wind, water, and vandals that can make the damage worse.  Immediate board up services will help prevent more serious structural damage or collapse by stabilizing the structural core of the building.  Our technicians can effectively secure your home or building to limit the structural damage and we will also cover up any openings to protect the interior from the weather and vandals.  These services will keep your building safe and secure until you can arrange for permanent reconstruction or restoration.

 Our emergency board up services include:

  • Closing of all holes and openings with board-ups
  • Roof tarping
  • Temporary enclosures
  • Barricades if the situation calls for it

It is very overwhelming to experience serious structural damage to your home or building and it is common to feel helpless when dealing with damage on such a large scale.  Calling RestorationMaster for emergency board up services is a good place to start because we can stabilize the damage while you decide what your next step will be.  You can call us 24 hours a day at (630) 576-0336 for emergency board up services in Aurora, IL