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Odor Removal in Tustin, CA

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Disasters often leave homes and businesses in a condition that requires repair work, so it’s understandable to feel relief upon returning to your property. However, that good mood can easily turn into a foul mood upon the discovery of lingering odors, which is commonplace following a disaster. You’ll want the smell(s) removed immediately, but such work needs to be done by a professional.

With smoke deodorization and odor removal, RestorationMaster eliminates odors from homes and businesses located in Tustin, CA. Whether the odor comes from biohazards, mold, smoke, or another source, our employees are properly equipped and trained to remove all odors.

Bad smell in the house odor removalFrom Nano carbon technology and thermal fogging to ozone technology and hydroxyl technology, we use the industry’s most advanced deodorization equipment to completely remove the following smells:

  • Death scene and biological odors
  • Smoke and fire odor
  • Musty odors from water and mold
  • Pet and dead animal odor

Odor Removal Services

Within our deodorization services, the following can be expected:

  • Removing the odor’s source
  • Air washing
  • Treating contaminated air
  • Treating contaminated furnishings and structural elements
  • Sealing porous surfaces
  • Thoroughly documenting the deodorization process

Types of Odors Removed

Within our deodorization process, the following types of odors will be eliminated:

  • Fire Damage and Smoke Odor: We rid furnishings, structural elements, and air spaces of odors produced by fire and/or smoke.
  • Water Damage and Mold Odor: Musty smells can be produced by excess water and moisture and the resulting mold growth it causes. We rid your property of odors produced by mold, mildew, and other water damage-related events.
  • Biological Odors: Whether it is from blood and other bodily fluids, a dead animal, or another biological source, we rid your property of all biological odors.

Contact Us in Tustin, CA

With smoke deodorization and odor removal in Tustin, CA, RestorationMaster will remove odors from your residential or commercial property. To reach us for these services, give us a call at (888) 737-9075.

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