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Sewage Backup Cleaning in Montgomeryville and Horsham, PA


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When a homeowner or business owner encounters flooding on their property, there is a huge risk of significant damage. If the water on the property is contaminated with sewage, the damage can be taken to a whole other level. Wood, drywall, flooring, furnishings, and other porous building materials absorb water and if the water contains sewage, the waste materials will be absorbed as well. When this happens, it can lead to serious and permanent damage very quickly. Another major concern with sewage is its dangerous toxins that can have a serious effect on your health. If you suspect that the water you have encountered is contaminated, you must stay clear of it and call our professionals immediately.

Our technicians at RestorationMaster provide sewage cleaning services in Montgomeryville and Horsham, PA to remove sewage-contaminated water and restore the damaged areas. Our professionals are highly trained and use proper equipment to safely extract sewage water and ensure that the damaged areas and materials are cleaned and disinfected to help prevent further related health issues.

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Dangers of Sewage Backups

Typically, sewage enters a home or building in one of two ways, either from a sewage backup or through flooding where the water is already contaminated before it enters the building. It is important to avoid making contact with sewage-contaminated water because of the health risk it poses.

The following problems can be a result of sewage:

  • Water Damage: Sewage water contains waste, dirt, and other toxic materials. When building materials and furnishings absorb sewage water, they are also absorbing the waste materials it contains. This can cause serious damage which can become permanent, meaning that affected materials may have to be removed or replaced.
  • Health Risks: The presence of sewage is a danger to your health because of the harmful toxins it contains which can lead to infection and disease. It is crucial to stay away from sewage water and have professionals extract it immediately.

Sewage Backup Cleaning Services in Montgomeryville and Horsham, PA

At RestorationMaster, our technicians are licensed and equipped to safely extract sewage water from homes and businesses and restore affected areas. With the use of water extraction equipment and dehumidifiers, we will remove the sewage water and residual moisture to ensure the property is free of sewage. Once the water is removed, we will remove or restore the affected materials depending on their level of damage. Then, we will thoroughly clean and disinfect the affected materials and areas to reduce the risk of negative health effects and restore safe living conditions. It is crucial to call us as soon as possible when there is sewage on your property so we can help limit the permanent damage and protect your health.

Call us for Sewage Backup Cleanup

If you suspect there is sewage on your property, call our technicians at RestorationMaster. We will arrive quickly to contain and remove the sewage and begin the restoration and cleanup process.

We are available 24 hours a day at (888) 915-7197 to provide sewage cleaning services in Montgomeryville and Horsham, PA.

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