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Carpet Cleaning Services in Magnolia, TX 77354


While the carpet is considered one of the biggest furnishings in a room, it can also have a major impact on the appearance and first impression of a visitor. Over time, it can also receive a lot of wear and tear caused by foot traffic. While this is normal, it can cause the carpet to become discolored and faded if not cleaned on a regular basis.

RestorationMaster provides professional carpet cleaning services to the commercial and residential properties in Magnolia, TX. Our technicians use advanced products, equipment, and techniques to not only restore its new look but prolong the overall life of the carpet.

The Need for Carpet Cleaning

In order to get the most use out of the carpet, it is best to have it cleaned at least once each year. As it experiences foot traffic every day, it is also prone to additional damage from spills, accidents, and other tears. This can ultimately result in deterioration and discoloring within the fibers. While regular vacuuming can pick up the majority of the dirt, only a professional cleaning will completely remove all of the remains trapped within the fibers.

Hot Water Extraction Method

In order to completely remove all dirt and debris from the carpeting, RestorationMaster has perfected a unique cleaning technique, called the hot water extraction method. During this process, a cleaning wand is used to apply a special solution combined with hot water deep within the carpet.

Avoiding damage to your carpet, the embedded debris is loosened by the solution and extracted back into our truck-mounted holding tank. This process will only require one afternoon to be performed, ultimately lasting 24 hours to become completely dry. This way, your daily activities can be resumed in a timely manner without having to wait until your carpets are fully restored.

Our carpet cleaning services effectively cover the following phases:

  • Initial inspection of the carpeted area to determine the best cleaning method
  • Pre-vacuuming to remove the majority of dirt and debris
  • Pre-treatment and removal of spots and stains
  • Complete cleaning using the hot water extraction method
  • Post-treatment to remove leftover stains and dirt
  • Carpet fiber grooming to preserve the look and appearance of the carpet
  • Final inspection to ensure your satisfaction

Free Estimate

While professional carpet cleaning services will not only restore the look of your room, they will actually prolong the life of the carpet. Call RestorationMaster to schedule your annual carpet cleaning appointment (281)213-5553 in Magnolia, TX and the surrounding areas.