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Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning Services in Kenosha, WI

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Furniture is one of the most important furnishings within a room because its condition can have a direct impact on the entire look and feel of the area. While clean upholstery can add to the aesthetics and provide comfort, worn down and discolored furniture will detract from its appearance. For business owners, it can actually deter a prospect client in the purchasing decision as a result of the business looking unprofessional. Ultimately, it is important to prevent excessive debris and stains from turning the furnishings into discolored pieces of fabric. RestorationMaster is available in the Kenosha, WI area to provide professional upholstery and furniture cleaning services. Each of our technicians have gone through classroom and on-the-job training to return your upholstery to its original condition.

Commercial Furniture Cleaning

When it comes to maintaining professionalism within the business, it is crucial for the furniture to look clean, comfortable, and neat. On the contrary, if it is full of stains and debris, the deterioration process is actually accelerated, not to mention having to spend extra money on new furnishings. It is also important for the employees to use clean furniture in order to work productively. With professional upholstery cleaning services from RestorationMaster, you can expect the lifespan of your furniture to be extended, saving you additional costs in the future. Our technicians have years of experience in using the hot water extraction method to completely remove all embedded debris from the furniture fabric. After the service is finished, you can expect to return to furniture that looks and feels brand new as well as having a clean and professional working space.

Residential Upholstery Cleaning

While it is not always essential to maintain professionalism within a home, it is important for the furniture to look and feel comfortable. But when the furnishings have become worn down and dirty, it will detract the from the fabric softness, not to mention taking away from the aesthetics of the entire room. Keep in mind that the longer the debris and stains are left to deteriorate the furniture, the quicker it will become faded and deteriorated. That is why it is important to schedule a professional upholstery cleaning RestorationMaster to maintain its clean and healthy look. Our technicians use the hot water extraction method to complete clean and sanitize the fabric, removing the toughest stains and embedded debris deep within the fabric.

Our furniture and upholstery cleaning services completely cover these procedures:

  • Pre-inspection of all upholsteries
  • Pre-treatment spot removal and vacuuming
  • Complete cleaning using the hot water extraction method
  • Follow up spot treatment and polishing of the frames

If your furniture or upholstery has become worn down or deteriorated, this does not always mean that it should be thrown away. In fact, you can save hundreds of dollars from buying new furniture with professional upholstery and furniture cleaning services. Call RestorationMaster at (888) 915-7197 to schedule your appointment in the Kenosha, WI area.