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Basement Flooding Restoration in Idaho Falls, ID 83401


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During a water emergency, basements are typically the first part of the home to flood because they are at the lowest point in the home. Your walls, floors, and personal belongings may be restored if you receive water damage restoration quickly after the initial flooding. Intrusions from water can occur in basement from both inside and outside sources.

Excessive snow or rain can oversaturate the ground and cause hydrostatic pressure due to outside moisture exceeding the pressure inside. Water naturally seeks lower pressure, which causes cracks and foundational leaks.

Common Causes of Basement Flooding in Idaho Falls, ID

There are many possible reasons for water to flood your basement, including heavy rain, burst pipes, leaky windows, broken gutters, damaged foundation, and natural disasters.

Water often floods basements because it flows to low areas and can penetrate the smallest openings and cracks in your home. Crawlspace vents, overly saturated soil, basement windows, landscape changes, and cracks in the foundation of your property are all possible avenues for water to enter your basement.

Problems Caused by Water Damage

Basements that experience water damage or flooding increase their risk of mold and mildew growth on the property. Mold leads to allergic reactions, respiratory issues, and asthma, among other health problems. Residents of the home may experience skin irritation, sneezing, nasal stuffiness, and eye irritation if they are frequently exposed to a mold infestation.

Basement flooding restoration in Idaho Falls, ID by RestorationMaster Cleaning and RestorationFlood water will be absorbed by drywall, wood, furniture, flooring, and other porous materials and spread throughout the building. As the affected furnishings and materials absorb more water, they may experience rotting, warping, and discoloration. The weakening of drywall and wood may lead to severe structural damage. Water damage can also weaken the structure of your property and risk total collapse.

Cleaning a flooded basement obviously costs money and can become increasingly expensive if your basement floods several times. Floods can also negatively affect the overall value of your home if you plan to move soon.

Flood Damage Restoration in Idaho Falls, ID –
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Call RestorationMaster at (888) 915-7197 for emergency water damage restoration services in Idaho Falls, ID.

Professional Flood Damage Restoration in Idaho Falls, ID

Our IICRC certified technicians can offer effective flood damage cleanup services using the top water extraction equipment and procedures in the industry. Our water damage repair services include the following:

  • We will efficiently and quickly remove the flood water before it causes structural damage and mold growth
  • We use dehumidifiers to create airflow in the basement and remove the excess moisture
  • Once the moisture and water have been removed, we will sanitize, clean, and treat the entire area with an antimicrobial agent to prevent mold growth
  • We will cooperate with you throughout the entire process and work with your insurance company to quickly get your claims processed

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A flooded basement is a stressful and destructive experience for any homeowner. Our trained technicians will provide water damage restoration services to you and your family during this stressful time. We will perform the process as efficiently and quickly as possible to return your basement to its original condition.

You can reach us 24/7 at (888) 915-7197 for professional flood damage restoration services in Idaho Falls, ID, and the surrounding areas.

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