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Trauma Scene and Biohazard Cleanup in San Antonio, TX 78245


(512) 377-6061

When one encounters their property filled with biohazards, it can have a severe impact, both mentally and emotionally. Especially if it is a trauma scene of their loved one, the individual can be scarred for life. However, it is imperative to know how to react in these situations so all proper evidence can be examined and you are not facing the risk of coming into contact with these biohazardous materials.

RestorationMaster Trauma Scene Cleaning

The technicians at RestorationMaster have been professionally trained to provide effective, efficient, and confidential biohazard and trauma scene cleanup services in the San Antonio, TX area. Our services cover the cleanup for both residential and commercial properties, fully restoring the scene and even working with law enforcement as to not disturb any evidence.

Once we have received clearance to begin cleaning, we will remove all biohazardous materials, disinfect the scene with powerful but safe products, and transport the materials to a licensed facility for legal disposal. We also understand that this can be an emotionally-straining experience for you and your family; therefore, it is not considered a normal restoration service.

If needed, we can provide contact information of local family counselors to help cope with this traumatic situation. We will also work with your insurance provider during the claims process to allow you to focus on family matters.

Our trauma scene cleaning services cover all of the following situations:

  • Hoarding
  • Suicides
  • Major injuries and accidents
  • Vehicle blood cleanup
  • Homicides and violent crimes
  • Unattended deaths

RestorationMaster Biohazard Cleaning Services

Our Biohazard cleanup services cover all of the following procedures:

  • Removal of All Biohazards: As soon as the RestorationMaster Restoration by Century technicians arrive, they will remove all biohazardous materials.
  • Disinfection: The property will then be disinfected of all blood, tissue, and other dangerous bacteria.
  • Deodorization: We will apply powerful but safe deodorizers to remove all foul smells from the scene.
  • Proper Disposal: The proper disposal of biohazardous materials legally requires that they are taken in medical waste containers to a licensed waste facility.
  • Frequent Monitoring: We will work with you and law enforcement to ensure your privacy and that the job is completed in a timely manner.
  • Assistance with Insurance: We will work with your insurance provider to save you as much time and stress as possible of working with multiple companies.
  • Family Support and Assistance: If the trauma scene was that of a loved one, it can devastate an individual and their family. Our technicians understand this, which is why they work with respect and compassion towards those grieving. We can also help you find a licensed and experienced family counselor for emotional support.

Encountering a scene filled with biohazard waste can be an extremely scary and traumatic experience; however, you must not hesitate to call 911. Afterward, contact a professional biohazard cleaning company right away to disinfect the scene.

24 Hour Emergency Biohazard and Trauma Scene Cleanup in San Antonio, TX

RestorationMaster is available in the San Antonio, TX area to provide homes and buildings with professional biohazard and trauma scene cleanup services at (512) 377-6061.