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Frozen Pipe Water Damage Restoration in Potomac, MD


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While freezing temperatures aren’t too common in Maryland, they do happen on occasion. If there are freezing cold temperatures outside, then your home’s pipes are prone to becoming frozen. When this happens, the water inside of the pipes freezes.

As the water turns into ice, it expands in size and places pressure on the pipe. If it places enough pressure on the pipe, then it can force it to burst open and spread water throughout the place. If this happens, then you may be left with thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Burst Pipes

When a pipe freezes and bursts open, any water that was inside floods the surrounding areas. This emergency necessitates immediate help from a professional. First, turn the main water switch off. Then, reach out for professional help. With our water damage restoration services in Potomac, MD, RestorationMaster can help you out after a pipe bursts on your property.

Our professional technicians are well experienced in restoring properties that were damaged following a burst pipe. We immediately respond to your call for help, and we’ll start by extracting the water. Then, we’ll restore the damaged building structure and, if necessary, replace soiled building materials.

Finding Frozen PipesFrozen-Pipe-Water-Damage-Restoration-Potomac-MD

Frozen pipes can sometimes be in the attic or hidden behind walls, making it an even bigger challenge.

When you discover that a pipe bursts in your home, then you need to turn the main water off right away. Afterward, contact us for our water damage restoration services. Our professionals will come equipped with advanced equipment that is used to efficiently extract standing water and moisture from the building structure and the air.

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

If you take the time to prepare your pipes for cold temperatures, then you can avoid having to deal with burst pipes. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Run a low drip of water from the faucets in your home. The running water will make it harder for the pipes to freeze.
  • Use electrical tape or insulation to keep the water pipes warm if they’re located in cold areas.
  • When there are freezing temperatures outside, use a heater in your attic, crawlspace, and/or basement.
  • Open up cabinets beneath sinks to allow warm air to enter and circulate around those pipes.
  • Stop water from flowing to exterior pipes by shutting the water exterior valve off.

What to Do When Finding Frozen Pipes

If you turn on a faucet and discover that no water is coming out, then you could be dealing with a frozen pipe. That said, check the pipe. If it’s frozen, then you must thaw it immediately to prevent it from bursting and flooding. Use these tips to thaw your pipes:

  • Increase your home’s temperature.
  • Remove the drywall and use a heat lamp or blow dryer to thaw the frozen pipe. For extra help, turn the water on to increase the water pressure inside of the pipe.
  • Get an infrared lamp or space heater and set it up adjacent to the wall in front of the pipe.

When there are freezing temperatures, make sure you monitor and prepare the pipes. Otherwise, they can freeze, burst, and result in water damage.

Contact Us for Pipe Bursts Water Damage Restoration in Potomac, MD

For water damage restoration services in the aftermath of a burst pipe, call (301) 381-2304 to get in touch with.

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