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Carpet Cleaning Services in Pearland, TX 77584


Due to the fact that carpeting is one of the most heavily used furnishings in a room, it also receives the most wear and tear from daily foot traffic. Over time, dirt and debris will become embedded within the fibers that can cause the carpet to look discolored and dirty. When this occurs, it can negatively impact the first impression of a visitor. For business owners, it can even deter a prospect client.

Ultimately, maintaining the look and feel of the carpet is substantial in providing a clean, comfortable environment. RestorationMaster provides professional carpet cleaning services in the Pearland, TX area to restore that new look of your carpeting. Our technicians have years of experience in using advanced products and techniques that will completely remove all embedded dirt and debris.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

It is generally recommended to have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year. This is not only to maintain the clean look of the carpeting but to extend the overall lifespan. On the contrary, a carpet that is not maintained properly will quickly become faded and discolored, even tearing at the seams.

While normal vacuuming can pick up a large portion of the dirt, it will not be able to reach the debris that has become embedded within the fibers. Only a professional carpet cleaning service can have this effectively removed.

Using the hot water extraction method

RestorationMaster uses an advanced method that is guaranteed to remove all dirt within the fibers. This is called the hot water extraction method. During this procedure, a cleaning wand is used to apply a sanitary solution mixed with hot water deep within the fibers. By doing this, the dirt and debris is first loosened and then extracted into our truck-mounted tank.

While the carpet requires 24 hours to become completely cleaned and dried, the cleaning process will only take a few hours. Ultimately, we make sure that you won’t have to put your daily activities on hold due to a long cleaning process.

Our cleaning services effectively cover the following phases:

  • Pre-inspection of the carpet’s condition
  • Vacuuming to extract all loose debris and dirt
  • Pre-spray to loosen embedded debris
  • Thorough cleaning using the hot water extraction method
  • Post-cleaning to remove leftover stains and spots
  • Grooming of carpet fibers to improve the overall look of the carpet
  • Final assessment to guarantee your satisfaction

While a brand-new carpet can certainly lift the overall look of a room, a worn and dirty carpet will significantly detract from its appearance. This is why professional carpet cleaning is necessary in order to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

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RestorationMaster is available at (281) 213-5553 to provide professional carpet cleaning services in the Pearland, TX area. Call today to schedule your appointment.