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Mold Remediation in Franklin Lakes and Wycoff, NJ


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Mold can happen at any time at your home or business. All that is needed for mold to grow is a moisture source. Once the mold spores have the proper moisture, they will spread and attach to surfaces and materials that contain a food source. Mold growth is very dangerous for your health, and you should avoid any prolonged exposure to it. You should always call a professional if you’ve experienced mold growth and you should never try to remove it yourself as you can cause it to spread further.

RestorationMaster offers a full range of mold removal services in Franklin Lakes and Wycoff, NJ, and the surrounding areas.  Our highly skilled technicians have the proper training and certifications, and you can rest assured we will remove any mold at your properly safely and ensure that it does not come back. We have the right equipment and hi-tech methods to get the job done.

Signs of Mold Growth

At times, mold is easy to find in your home, while sometimes it may be hidden behind walls and ceilings. However, there are signs that you can look out for if you think you have hidden mold. Some of these signs include a wall that is bubbling, musty odors, and sudden symptoms of allergic reactions.

Mold growth can cause major damage to your property and to your health. It is important not to expose yourself to mold growth as you can develop allergic reactions such as throat irritation, sneezing, and even trouble breathing. Prolonged exposure to mold can cause serious upper respiratory infections.

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All professional staff at B.O.R. of Tri-State Restoration can be reached at  (973) 306-0963 for all your mold remediation & cleanup needs in Franklin Lakes and Wycoff, NJ, and the surrounding areas.

Finding the Mold Source

Usually, mold grows when it has a moisture source. Therefore. it is important to identify the water source and eliminate it. Mold can be removed, however, unless the source of the moisture is found, the mold growth will come back.

RestorationMaster can help you find the moisture source at your home or business so that you can prevent mold from appearing and we can remove mold growth that has already appeared and ensure it does not come back.

Mold Inspection and Testing

Mold is everywhere, and most people aren’t aware that it is present in their homes. It can lurk in hidden corners, behind walls and ceiling tiles, inside ventilation ducts, and even your clothes. Mold can cause health problems such as sore throats, headaches, joint pain, and rashes. If you suspect your property is experiencing mold growth, you need to request mold inspection and mold testing to acquire detailed reports, photographs, and health recommendations. After you finish the mold testing process, you should call Best Option Restoration immediately to request mold removal services.

Mold Removal

Our team is dedicated to offering professional mold removal and flood or water damage restoration services in New Jersey. We have many years of experience within the industry and are recognized as one of the largest companies specializing in mold removal and flood or water damage restoration.

At our professional cleaning services, we truly understand the devastation which mold can cause to your house and to your health. That’s why we have developed a service that is best suited for individual needs, knowing that there are different types of mold with different extents. Our experts will fully evaluate the extent of damage and level of assistance needed, before providing comprehensive assistance that requires no effort on your part.

Residential Mold Removal

Residential mold removal is a full-service mold inspection and removal for houses, apartments, and residential condos. We take great pride in our ability to inspect, diagnose and safely remove mold infestations from home structures while providing the highest grade of customer service possible. Our products are safe for you and your family and have no harmful side effects. Our staff is trained in cutting-edge mold removal techniques and with our experience handling thousands of mold remediation jobs, we are confident that we can solve any type of mold problem you may have.

Commercial Mold Removal

When water leaves behind mold, it can spread quickly and present health risks to employees and customers. Trust us to help you remove the mold so your business can remain safe, secure, and clean. If the structural integrity of your building is at risk due to the presence of toxic mold, we offer a mold removal service tailored to businesses’ specific situations. We professionally and quickly remove all visible mold from your property.

Contact us for Professional Mold Remediation in Franklin Lakes and Wycoff, NJ


We offer a full range of mold removal services for home and business owners in Franklin Lakes and Wycoff, NJ. Our staff uses proper cleaning products and procedures to remove the mold and ensure it does not come back. Our skilled technicians will find the source of mold and remove it from your property. We will also clean, disinfect, and restore any damaged areas and materials.

Our skilled professionals at RestorationMaster will make sure that your family is safe and healthy as your home will be mold free. Call us right away if you have mold at your property, and we will ensure that we fully remove it. We follow AIHA, CDC and EPA standards when removing mold. Call us today at (973) 306-0963 for all of your professional mold remediation services in Franklin Lakes and Wycoff, NJ.

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