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Hoarding Cleanup in Carter Lake, IA

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While many are familiar with the behaviors of hoarding, they don’t understand that it is a mental disorder that affects millions of individuals and their families every day. Those suffering are often affected by an underlying depression and/or anxiety that disallows them to throw away their personal belongings. As the clutter builds, it makes walking around the home difficult while creating serious hazards to personal safety. As a family friend or loved one, it’s important to reach out to them about their situation to help them understand that it poses a threat to their personal safety.

RestorationMaster provides hoarding cleanup services in Carter Lake, IA and the surrounding areas. We ensure to establish a bond with the affected individual based on trust and respect before starting the cleaning process, also putting them in charge of the cleaning. After the clutter is removed, the home will then be cleaned, sanitized, and restored to its original condition.

The Dangers of Hoarding

As the clutter of items grows within the home, it becomes a dangerous situation for everyone. The clutter can create a number of hazards, including tripping, fires, and the appearance of biohazard materials. The risk of fires is heightened due to the number of items blocking fire exits as well as items near stoves and heat vents. Affected homes are also often contaminated by mold and bacteria that accumulate within the clutter.

If you have a loved one or friend affected by hoarding, it’s important to reach out to them right away about their situation as it may be posing a threat to their personal safety. They must understand the seriousness of their situation and accept help before calling in a professional cleaning service.

Hoarder Cleaning Carter Lake, IA

Once they are ready to accept help, call RestorationMaster for professional hoarding cleaning. We will work with the affected individual, putting them in charge while we clean out the home. Our technicians ensure to establish a bond with the affected individual built on trust and communication before starting the cleaning process to ensure a smooth transition.

After removing all of the clutter, our professionals will clean and restore the home using advanced cleaning products and methods. All mold and biohazards will also be removed, restoring the home to a safe living condition. Our cleaning services also ensure to follow the regulations of the Department of Transportation, EPA, and OSHA.

Each of the following is included within our hoarding cleaning services:

  • Clutter removal: All unwanted items will be removed from the home with the approval of the homeowner.
  • Disinfection: RestorationMaster will use advanced cleaning products and methods to thoroughly clean out the home.
  • Odor Removal: Any musty or biological smells will be removed using advanced hydroxyl technology.
  • Disposal: The discarded items will be taken to a recycling center, donation facility, or to be thrown away.

Free Estimate

For a free estimate on our hoarding cleanup services in Carter Lake, IA and the surrounding areas, contact RestorationMaster at (888) 915-7197.

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