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Carpet Cleaning in Carter Lake, IA

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Carpeting makes a beautiful furnishing within all homes and buildings, adding to the aesthetics and comfort of living spaces. But the fibers within the carpeting are all vulnerable to the buildup of dirt and debris over time. While it’s often the first furnishing people notice upon entering a room, its condition can have a large impact on the overall impression of the space for guests. This in turn makes it important to maintain a clean carpet.

Another benefit of keeping a clean carpet is an extended lifespan. Limiting the buildup of dirt and debris within the carpet fibers will prevent it from becoming worn out or deteriorated. It helps to vacuum, but it won’t be able to restore a like-new appearance to the carpeting; this can only be accomplished with professional carpet cleaning.

RestorationMaster provides carpet cleaning services in Carter Lake, IA and the surrounding areas to fully restore carpeting to like-new conditions. Our technicians are experienced and trained to use a perfected hot water extraction method designed to remove all dirt, debris, and stains while restoring the carpeting’s color and texture.

Importance of Carpet Cleaning

Both in homes and commercial settings, carpeting experiences heavy foot traffic, which means a constant buildup of dirt and debris within the fabric. The dirt will contribute to dull, dirty fibers that can quickly make the carpet look old and worn out. Especially in high traffic areas in commercial buildings, carpeting becomes dirtier much faster and its lifespan can be shortened without professional cleanings.

Failure to effectively clean the carpeting can also result in the wrong impression amongst clients and first-time guests. They may believe the business to be unprofessional or the home unkept, simply due to the condition of the carpeting.

Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning

During the carpet cleaning process, RestorationMaster uses the hot water extraction method to restore a like-new condition to the carpeting. In this process, we use a cleaning wand to apply a sanitizing solution deep within the carpet fibers. As the solution is extracted out, so is the dirt and debris embedded from the carpet. Advanced cleaning products are also used to remove tough stains.

Each of the following steps are included within our carpet cleaning services:

  • Pre-inspection to identify high traffic areas
  • Pre-vacuuming to loosen and remove debris
  • Pre-treatment of spots and stains
  • Deep cleaning using the hot water extraction method
  • Additional stain treatment
  • Carpet fiber grooming to improve the drying process

Free Estimate

For a free estimate on your next carpet cleaning service in Carter Lake, IA or the surrounding areas, contact RestorationMaster at (888) 915-7197.

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