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Hoarding Cleaning Services for Brooklyn Park, MN

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Hoarding is a very serious disorder that can have dangerous implications not just for the affected individual, but also for their family members that live in the home.  Anxiety is at the root of many hoarding behaviors including the inability to throw away any objects that are collected, and the hoarding of items creates hazardous and unsanitary living conditions.  RestorationMaster provides hoarding cleaning services to help clean out and disinfect the homes of hoarders in Brooklyn Park, MN, and the surrounding areas.  Our hoarding cleaning approach involves establishing a sense of trust and respect with the affected individual and making them a central part of the cleaning process.

Based on our experience, the individual that struggles with hoarding issues must be approached with an honest sense of compassion and respect for the job to be done successfully.  Usually those that hoard are too embarrassed by the condition of their homes to get help themselves and instead need a friend or family member to intervene before the condition in their home becomes too dangerous.  It is important to help the individual understand that there is no reason to feel embarrassed and that it is best for their health and safety to clean out their homes.  The most common symptom among hoarders is the inability to throw anything away, allowing objects such as newspapers, appliances, broken objects, food containers, and others to dangerously congest the home and harbor mold and bacteria that can result in serious health effects.

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Professional Hoarding Cleanup in Brooklyn Park, MN

Our technicians at RestorationMaster are fully equipped and ready to clean up and restore any home that is affected by hoarding.  We stay safe with the most effective personal protective equipment (PPE) available and use the most advanced cleaning products and equipment to thoroughly clean and disinfect the home, even after extreme cases of hoarding.  Each technician that participates in our hoarding cleaning projects has been bonded, licensed, and insured, and we follow the rules and regulations of the EPA, OSHA, and the Department of Transportation.  We have adopted the new hoarding cleaning process developed by RestorationMaster Restore and Matt Paxton that is centered on establishing a connection based on trust and respect with the individual and making them an important part of the cleaning process.

We effectively clean and disinfect the home with these steps:

  • Save valuable items such as money, jewelry, and other keepsakes
  • Unwanted objects and other debris are removed
  • We help the individual make the decision on whether to keep, throw away, recycle, or donate hoarded objects
  • We will deliver certain kept items to family and friends
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection of the home after removal of the hoarded items

Call us for Hoarding Cleanup in Brooklyn Park, MN

The behaviors associated with hoarding can quickly lead to dangerous and unhealthy living conditions not only for those affected but also for their families within the home.  If you have a close friend or family member in the Brooklyn Park, MN area that hoards, call RestorationMaster for our innovative hoarding cleaning services.  We take a respectful approach that includes building a personal connection with the affected individual and ensuring that they are in control of the process.

You can reach us 24 hours a day at (952) 592-1103 for more information about our hoarding cleaning services.

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