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Fire Damage Restoration in Oakridge, NJ


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It can be devastating to experience a fire in your home or property, especially when you are left to cope with the aftermath and restore your property once the fire has been extinguished. After the fire is out, smoke, soot, and other destructive byproducts will continue to spread and contaminate surfaces and materials, inflicting substantial damage. You must quickly call a restoration specialist to minimize the damage and repair your property.

RestorationMaster provides comprehensive fire damage restoration services in Oakridge, NJ, and the surrounding areas. In order to develop a restoration strategy that will fully restore your property, our professionals will analyze the degree of damage as quickly as possible. We can repair structural damage caused by the fire and clean up smoke and soot damage with cutting-edge tools and cleaning solutions.


Damage from Fire and Smoke in Oakridge, NJ

Fires can cause extensive damage to homes and other structures that extends past the areas that were directly affected. The fire itself consumes everything in its path, and the fire’s heat has the potential to melt nearby materials and harm windows and appliances. A fire’s structural damage can make a house or building unstable.

Smoke, soot, and other corrosive byproducts are produced when materials are burned during the fire. These byproducts will spread further after the fire has been out. Without prompt cleaning, these materials can cause etching and tarnishing that can become permanent. Extinguishing the fire may also have caused water damage and mold on the property.

A fire can do a lot of damage which can be overwhelming. The best thing you can do to get your property back on track is to get in touch with our experts for fire damage restoration as soon as the fire has been extinguished.

Professional Fire Damage Restoration in Oakridge, NJ

Our technicians at RestorationMaster are well-versed in the procedures involved in repairing smoke and fire damage. We will assess the damage right away and help limit the damage by providing emergency stabilization and pre-cleaning. We will develop and implement a comprehensive restoration strategy to deal with fire, smoke, and soot damage following our assessment. We can also assist you with the claim by collaborating with your insurance company. Throughout the procedure, our professionals will keep you updated.

The following steps are included in our fire damage restoration procedure:

  • Complete assessment of the damage
  • Emergency window and door board-up
  • Building stabilization and structural restoration
  • Cleaning of soot-damaged materials with specialized cleaning agents
  • Permanently damaged material removal
  • Water and mold cleanup from putting out the fire.
  • Removal of odors


For fire damage restoration in Oakridge, NJ, get in touch with RestorationMaster. After a fire, you shouldn’t put it off any longer. RestorationMaster’s technicians are ready to respond to emergencies and restore your property after a fire. For assistance with fire damage restoration in Oakridge, NJ, contact (973) 306-0963.