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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services for McHenry, IL

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Since 1977, ServiceMaster Kwik Restore has provided high quality disaster restoration and cleaning services for the homes and businesses in McHenry, IL and the surrounding areas. ServiceMaster Kwik Restore began business in 1977 when Wayne and Clara Lutz purchased ServiceMaster Barrington Lake Zurich. In 1981, Wayne and Clara merged with ServiceMaster Cary, Crystal Lake, and Algonquin and expanded their service area to cover all of Lake County and much of McHenry County. In 1999, our current owner Kevin Kallas joined the business and was promoted to General Manager before deciding to buy the business in 2007. Since then, Kevin has merged with other local ServiceMaster franchises including ServiceMaster by Ryberg, ServiceMaster of Elgin, and ServiceMaster of McHenry to cover the communities of Lake, Cook, and McHenry counties and the southern Wisconsin counties of Kenosha and Racine.

ServiceMaster by Kwik Restore provides a variety of disaster restoration and cleaning services that include water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, hoarding cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and hard surface floor cleaning. Our technicians are trained to specialize in these services and we are equipped with top-of-the-line cleaning products and equipment. We can also work with your insurance company to help you file related claims. ServiceMaster Kwik Restore is dedicated to providing the highest quality services in the area and our commitment has earned us an Achiever Award from ServiceMaster corporate every year since 2002. We are ready to serve the homes and businesses of McHenry, IL 24 hours a day. You can contact us at (815) 261-9195 for your disaster restoration and cleaning needs.

Water Damage Restoration for McHenry, ILWater Damage Restoration – McHenry, IL

Water damage is a common problem in homes and buildings because it can happen from almost anything, even just a little excess rain. When water damage occurs, it is important that you contact a restoration professional immediately to prevent the damage from spreading. Excess water spreads rather easily through building materials like wood and drywall which causes structural damage and mold growth. ServiceMaster Kwik Restore provides water damage restoration services for homes and companies in McHenry, IL. Our technicians go through intensive training and are able to restore water damaged structures, carpeting, air ducts, and content in accordance with IICRC S-500 guidelines.

Fire Damage Restoration for McHenry, ILFire Damage Restoration – McHenry, IL

Fires are very dangerous and can occur with no warning. When a fire occurs, it is crucial that you evacuate the home and call the fire department immediately. Once the fire has been put out and the home has been cleared, you must start the restoration process. This is important because the soot and corrosive byproducts can cause just as much damage as the fire itself. Without immediate treatment, not only will the damage become worse, but it will also spread to unaffected areas. ServiceMaster Kwik Restore provides fire damage restoration services to accommodate those in McHenry, IL. Our technicians will stop the spread of damage from corrosive byproducts and restore your home or building to its pre-fire condition.

Mold Removal in McHenry, ILMold Removal – McHenry, IL

Mold can be very stubborn, not to mention unsightly. To make matters worse, it causes critical structural damage as it consumes the cellulose within your building materials. Negative health effects such as respiratory issues and allergies can also be triggered when in the presence of mold. But the fungus cannot be removed with household cleaning products; only professional products can eliminate it at the source. ServiceMaster Kwik Restore is available in McHenry, IL and the surrounding areas to provide mold removal services for homes and buildings. Our technicians are experienced, trained, and licensed to handle mold cases of all sizes, removing it efficiently and effectively, and preventing it from returning in the future.

Carpet Cleaning Services for McHenry, ILCarpet Cleaning Services – McHenry, IL

When you walk into a room, the first thing that you notice is the carpeting. The carpeting has an immense effect on the look of the room and if your carpeting looks dirty or stained, it can bring down the room’s appearance.  Constant foot traffic leads to a buildup of dirt and debris in the fibers that is difficult to remove with just vacuuming. ServiceMaster Kwik Restore can effectively remove debris buildup and stains with our professional carpet cleaning services in McHenry, IL. Our technicians are thoroughly trained to clean all different types of carpets using advanced equipment and effective cleaning methods and products.

Upholstery Cleaning Services for McHenry, ILUpholstery Cleaning – McHenry, IL

When the furniture in your home is dirty, it can make the space feel dirty and uncomfortable as well. Daily use of the furniture results in a buildup of dirt and debris in the upholstery fabric which can be very difficult to clean. Even vacuuming will not completely remove the deeply embedded debris. Excessive debris buildup can eventually damage the upholstery which is why it is important to hire a professional. ServiceMaster Kwik Restore offers upholstery cleaning services for homes and offices in McHenry, IL. Our cleaning equipment is the best in the business and our technicians will work to make sure that your furniture looks good as new.

Hard Surface Floor Cleaning for McHenry, ILHard Floor Cleaning – McHenry, IL

When you think of cleaning the flooring in your home, it is important to remember to clean and maintain your hard surface floors as well as your carpet. Hard floor cleaning is important because dirt, dust, and debris can build up in the crevices of many different types of hard surface floors. Without maintenance, the life of your wood, tile, vinyl, or laminate flooring could be substantially decreased. In order to minimize dirt buildup and damage on your hard surface floors, contact ServiceMaster Kwik Restore and ask about a free consultation for our hard surface floor cleaning services in McHenry, IL. Our technicians are trained to handle cleaning all different types of hard flooring with our advanced equipment and cleaning methods.

Air Duct Cleaning Services for McHenry, ILAir Duct Cleaning – McHenry, IL

A common problem in many households is the buildup of dust and debris in the HVAC system. Running the heating and cooling causes dirt, dust, and debris to gather out of sight within the air ducts which can increase your energy bills as well as the risk of a malfunction.  The buildup also contributes to poor indoor air quality which can trigger allergies and other health issues. ServiceMaster Kwik Restore offers air duct cleaning services in McHenry, IL to remove dirt and debris from your HVAC system. These services will help improve your indoor air quality and decrease your heating and cooling bills.

Hoarding Cleaning Services for McHenry, ILHoarding Cleaning – McHenry, IL

Hoarding is a very prevalent issue in the United States. Unbeknownst to many, millions of people are affected by hoarding each year. Hoarding is a mental disorder that causes those affected to have extreme anxiety, preventing them from parting with any items in their home, even if they are deemed useless. The clutter creates a dangerous situation in the home, increasing the risk of fire, injuries, and mold or bacteria growth that makes those affected and their families susceptible to disease. ServiceMaster Kwik Restore offers hoarding cleaning services in McHenry, IL and the surrounding areas to help those affected with hoarding clear out their homes. We will completely clean and sanitize the home and involve the hoarder in the cleanup process.

Biohazard Cleanup - McHenry ILBiohazard Cleanup – McHenry, IL

Encountering the scene of a violent accident or crime scene can be a gruesome experience, especially if you were a witness. But it’s imperative to maintain a safe distance from the biohazards as they threaten your health and safety with the involvement of bacteria and pathogens. Both law enforcement and a team of biohazard cleanup professionals must be contacted to start an investigation and restore your property. ServiceMaster Kwik Restore provides biohazard cleanup services in McHenry, IL and the surrounding areas for both homes and businesses. We take a compassionate approach to biohazard cleanup, arriving right away in unmarked vehicles to protect your privacy, all while restoring your property to its original condition.


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