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Hoarding Cleanup in Manchester, CT 06040

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The Hoarding disorder is a recognized psychological condition affecting tens of millions of Americans. Hoarders suffer from a compulsive disorder to collect a variety of items like trash, animals, clothes, or other objects of little to no value. Individuals suffering from the compulsive hoarding disorder can feel extreme anxiety when faced with throwing items away.


As a result, unnecessary belongings, and even garbage and expired food, can pile up to create a number of hazardous situations, such as blocked entrances and exits, mold, infestation of insects and rodents, and exposed electrical wires. At Water Damage Drying Services, we work hard to provide compassionate hoarding and estate cleanup in Manchester, CT to return your property to livable conditions.

The Dangers of Hoarding

Hoarding tendencies can be more than simply unsanitary, they can also be dangerous. Some of the primary concerns are:

  • Bacteria and Allergens: Dust, dirt, debris, mold, and bacteria can all build up beneath items in areas that are never cleaned. This leads to significant health risks.
  • Fire Hazards: Hoarded belongings can present a dangerous fire hazard that can also make any fires much worse due to the extra materials that can burn.
  • Blocked Avenues of Escape: If an emergency ever occurs, important escape routes will be blocked by hoarded belongings.
  • Tipping Hazards: Items that are loosely stacked on top of each other present a very real tipping hazard. Individuals in the home can become trapped or severely injured.

Another unfortunate complication of this mental condition is that it can prevent affected individuals from seeking help. It is important that trusted friends and family members are supportive and non-combative, encouraging the hoarder to seek psychological help and therapy.

Our Approach to Hoarding and Estate Cleaning


At Water Damage Drying Services, we have a proven approach to hoarding and estate cleaning, which includes:

  • Phase 1 – Building a Relationship: Developing trust is of the utmost importance. Our technicians make a connection with affected individuals before beginning any cleaning services. We can recommend professional organizers, therapists or social services if necessary.
  • Phase 2 – Developing and Implementing a Sanitization Plan: After a relationship and understanding have been made, we will begin to work with hoarders to remove excess clutter. This means that we will consult them on what to keep, throw away, donate, or recycle. We will then thoroughly sanitize and clean the home, and provide demolition services if needed.
  • Phase 3 – Following Up: Because of the psychological factors that affected individuals face, following up with their progress is critical. We can recommend a cleaning plan for them to follow after we leave.

Contact Us

To learn more about how our hoarding and estate cleanup services can help you, or to schedule an appointment, simply contact our representatives at (860) 499-3395. At Water Damage Drying Services, we are proud to assist those in need in Manchester, CT.

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