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Estate and Hoarding Cleanup in Waterford, CT 06385

(860) 455-4969

Compulsive hoarding, or hoarding disorder, is a legitimate challenge for millions of individuals across the country. To friends and family members, the behavior of these individuals may seem obsessive and irrational; however, they are actually experiencing a mental disorder that invokes combinations of fear, anxiety, and similar conditions when faced with discarding items.

Here at ServiceMaster by Mason, we understand these complexities, and know how to work with hoarders to return their homes to livable conditions. If you or a loved one lives in Waterford, CT, and suffers from compulsive hoarding, then we highly recommend that you take advantage of our hoarding and estate cleaning services.

The Dangers of Hoarding

Hoarding and Estate Cleaning for Waterford, CT 06385Hoarding situations are always difficult to resolve because of the intense psychological burdens at play. In fact, many individuals refuse to seek help because they are too shy or embarrassed. This shifts the burden to trusted friends and family members to find assistance.

Over the years, we have found that the best way to convince hoarders that they actually need professional cleaning services is to point out the various safety hazards associated with hoarding disorder. While there are many, the primary dangers include the following:

  • Fire hazards
  • Mold growth
  • Buildup of allergens and bacteria
  • Tipping hazards
  • Blocked avenues of escape in the case of emergencies

When you choose to work with us here at ServiceMaster by Mason, we will eliminate these possible consequences and much more.

Hoarding Cleanup Waterford, CT

ServiceMaster by Mason has provided hoarding cleaning services to affected individuals for over 29 years. In this time, we have learned and implemented the best ways to resolve hoarding situations. This all stems from our 3-phase approach:

  • Phase 1: Create a personal connection and understanding
  • Phase 2: Create and implement a cleaning plan
  • Phase 3: Follow up

While this approach may not seem revolutionary, it actually addresses all the key difficulties with hoarding scenarios effectively. It establishes trust, results in a clean home, and provides a foundation for affected individuals to recover from hoarding habits. Broken down into more detail, you can expect the following from our services:


  • To be treated with understanding and respect
  • The identification of valuable jewelry, keepsakes, and personal items
  • Recycling and disposal of unneeded items (we work with affected individuals throughout this process)
  • Donation of unwanted valuable items (again, while consulting the affected individual)
  • Assistance with paperwork from government agencies, lawyers, trusts, etc.
  • The development of an at-home cleaning plan
  • Follow up phone calls and potential visits

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Homes that have been affected by hoarding tendencies are dangerous places that need to be reorganized and sanitized for the safety of all occupants. We do exactly this at ServiceMaster by Mason through our hoarding and estate cleaning services by working directly with hoarders and their families.

If you would like to make use of our services, simply contact our representatives at (860) 455-4969. We are available 24 hours a day, and proudly service homeowners in Waterford, CT.

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very good.

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prompt and professional service

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Professional, neat, clean job. Very friendly and helpful employees. We appreciate the kindness Shaun showed us. Thank you. David & Vivian Pratt

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