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University Cleaners in Waterford, CT 06835

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The school building is more than a figurative symbol of education, it is also the literal environment where students go to learn and study.  It is important for students to feel comfortable in their schools for better academic performance, and an effective way to create an environment conducive to learning is to keep the building clean and well maintained.

Students routinely perform better in a cleaner environment and have a higher sense of school pride when the cleanliness of the building is maintained.  Schools that do not have their own in-house janitorial staff can keep their school buildings clean by working with a professional like ServiceMaster by Mason.

Deep Cleaning

At ServiceMaster by Mason, we provide school cleaning services to help keep schools in Waterford, CT and the surrounding areas properly cleaned and maintained.  Our technicians use the best cleaning equipment and products available to improve the appearance and indoor air quality of your school building.

Importance of Educational Cleaning Services

School Cleaning Services in Waterford, CT 06835On a given school day, hundreds of students walk the hallways and classrooms, spreading dirt and debris throughout the building.  The high volume of foot traffic and debris build up can have damaging effects on the floors, causing them to look dirty, stained, and worn out.  When floors become excessively dirty, they not only bring down the appearance of the building, but also become vulnerable to surface damage and wear and tear that can eventually force the school to replace it.  This makes it very important for a school to consistently clean and maintain its floors.

Consistent cleaning and maintenance will not only improve the appearance of a school, but also create a healthier learning environment.  Germs spread rapidly through schools which can negatively impact the health of the students and staff and cause a higher number of absences.  Regular cleaning services will ensure that germs and bacteria are removed from classrooms which will contribute to better health and better academic performance.

Electrostatic Spraying

Schools, childcares and universities have long been placeSchool-Cleaning-Waterford-CTs were illness can spread easily as many people pass through the building and touch many of the same surfaces.  Desks, countertops, fixtures, computers, gym equipment and other surfaces and objects can become contaminated with germs and bacteria that spread illnesses.  In order to maintain a healthy learning environment, these areas need to be thoroughly disinfected to kill the germs and bacteria.

At ServiceMaster by Mason, we can effectively disinfect heavily used surfaces and areas with electrostatic spraying.  We use advanced equipment that positively charges the disinfectant before it is sprayed.  The positive charge allows the disinfectant to be applied evenly as the positively charged particles repel each other and are attracted to the negatively charged surface.  The disinfectant is left to dry, and in just a matter of minutes kills the germs and bacteria.  We can apply the disinfectant with this method efficiently to help prevent the spread of illnesses in your school like Influenza H1N1, Norovirus, MRSA, HBV, Klebsiella Pneumonia, Salmonella, and E.Coli.

School Cleaning Waterford, CT

The technicians of ServiceMaster by Mason will clean and sanitize your school with our advanced cleaning products and equipment.  We use green cleaning products that are highly effective and free of harmful chemicals to help improve indoor air quality and create a healthier environment.  Our school cleaning plans are customized to cover the cleaning needs of each institution.

You can expect the following results from our school cleaning services:

  • School Cleaning in Waterford, CT 06835Improvement of indoor air quality
  • Reduced risk of allergies and asthma symptoms
  • Less school absences
  • Higher reading and math scores

The school cleaning services that we provide can cover the following:

  • Preschools and daycares
  • Kindergartens
  • Charter schools
  • Elementary schools
  • Preparatory schools
  • Middle and high schools
  • Universities and community colleges
  • Technical schools

Regular school cleaning services are effective for maintaining a healthy and impressive looking environment that will allow your students to thrive.  If your school in Waterford, CT is in need of professional cleaning services, give ServiceMaster by Mason a call to set up a consultation.

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We are available at (860) 455-4969 to provide more information about our school cleaning services in Waterford, CT.

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Charlestown, RI
Very professional- I called the day I realized I had a problem and the owner (phil mason) was there. This was a Saturday. The fact that he showed up on the weekend was all I needed David Lucchesi

Bristol, CT
It was very quick and thorough.

Somers, CT
We were so relieved to have actual professionals taking care of our mold find, especially after we inquired about a couple “treatment plans” from other companies. Ryan came in with his gear and showed us the real deal the others missed (like, 98% of the mold). He took air samples to send out. He had a logical plan forward that we felt absolutely positive about. This team made the others look like clowns and charlatans. We were thoroughly informed of what was being done and why, and I actually felt safe in my own home. There were many layers of inspection and testing, yet it was all done quickly. I’d recommend anyone with a mold problem to seek this team immediately. You’ll be wasting your time and money with anyone else!
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